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This news post on Daejhanae Jackson Ig reveals a shocking tale of a businesswoman whose life ended after an attack during a celebration trip with her pals.

What did Daejhanae Jackson do? Why is the name circulating over social media sites? Is she the culprit of Shanquella? Shanquella Robinson departed for Mexico, Cabo, with her pals on 28th October 2022. The entrepreneur was discovered dead twenty-four hours later. 

People Worldwide are feeling bad for the businesswoman and are shocked to see the viral video clip of the incident. So let us read this news post and find out how is Daejhanae Jackson Ig associated with the recent incident. 

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What was the recent incident of Daejhanae Jackson Ig?

Footage showing one of the companions, allegedly Daejhanae Jackson, thrashing up Robinson before her tragic demise hit the internet after word of her killing started spreading. People online are sharing Jackson’s picture as well.

The footage shows a lady beating up an unclothed Shanquella Robinson. The companions on the trip with the sufferer stayed in the room and captured the vicious assault on camera.

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The six friends are said to have deleted their accounts on social media when Robinson’s friends’ identities were discovered online. Though there aren’t many specific details regarding Jackson, including her Husband, users of the internet posted a picture of her LinkedIn page on Twitter.

It is significant to highlight that the authorities have not verified the presumption made by online users that Jackson was the attacker.

What was the reason for Robinson’s death?

Online people seemed to think the statements made about what led to Robinson’s death were ambiguous. Internet users are confident that a group of pals triggered Shanquella Robinson’s demise. This assertion is supported by the footage of Jackson hitting Robinson just before she died.

Internet users asked that Robinson’s buddies be imprisoned. The parents of Shanquella Robinson were informed that their daughter had died from excessive alcohol consumption.


Daejhanae Jackson’s LinkedIn profile describes her as an “aspiring healthcare professional” who attended Winston-Salem State University. Per her profile, she works at Blue Rhino in North Carolina, Greensboro. The company describes itself as a “propane tank swap brand” on its official website. 

Jackson may still be employed by the company, although that is questionable given the negative attention and popularity she has gained on the internet.

What were Robinson’s parents told about their daughter’s demise? 

Robinson’s buddy Khalil informed Robinson’s parents, Bernard and Salamondra, that she had died from alcohol poisoning after passing away. Robinson did not pass away due to the exact cause of the deceased; investigators discovered when the sufferer’s family notified the FBI about their daughter’s unexplained demise. Also, her Net Worth is unknown.

During an interview, Robinson’s mother, Salamondra, stated that the FBI discovered her daughter’s spine was broken and also suffered a broken neck. Quilla Long, Robinson’s sister, also voiced skepticism over the circle of pals. The cause of Shanquella Robinson’s demise is still being looked into.


What were Robinson's parents told about their daughter's demise

Quick Wiki

Since Daejhanae Jackson is known and gained popularity after the incident of Shanquella Robinson’s demise, her complete personal details are not disclosed. The following are a few facts that could be fetched through online circulation of her LinkedIn profile:

  • – Real Name- Daejhanae Jackson
  • – Profession- Aspiring healthcare 
  • – Age- Unknown
  • – Education- Winston Salem University
  • – Working for- Blue Rhino
  • – Birthplace & Nationality- Unknown. 
  • – Relationship – Unknown
  • – Parents– Bernard and Salamondra

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Daejhanae Jackson, a healthcare professional working for Blue Rhino, was recently in the news for attacking and killing Shanquella, her friend. Online users have publicly spread the video clip of the incident where Jackson attacked Shanquella. You may check the footage of Daejhanae Jackson here


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Daejhanae Jackson Ig: FAQS

Q1. Who exactly is Jackson?

Daejhanae Jackson, a healthcare professional at Blue Rhino, is Shanquella’s friend. 

Q2. What did Daejhanae Jackson do?

Daejhanae Jackson severely attacked and killed her friend Shanquella.

Q3. Did Shanquella survive after Jackson’s attack?

Shanquella Robinson could not survive after being attacked by Jackson. 

Q4. Is Daejhanae Jackson in custody?

There is no whereabouts of Daejhanae Jackson.

Q5. Where did the incident happen?

The incident occurred in Mexico, Cabo.

Q6. Who was Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella Robinson was a businesswoman.

Q7. What is Shanquella Robinson’s Age?

Shanquella Robinson was 25. 

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