Cup Field 2022 Melbourne: Explore Details On Cup field 2022 Melbourne, Its Sweep And Horses, Also Check Lizzie jelfs Melbourne Cup Tips

This blog shares complete details about Cup Field 2022 Melbourne and further details about the result of Melbourne Cup 2022. Follow our blog to know further.

Are you aware of the result of the Melbourne Cup 2022? Do you know who won the Melbourne cup 2022? If not, you have just come down to the right blog to get all the details. The race was pretty thrilling. This race was broadcasted Worldwide.

Today in this blog, we will focus on all the details of Cup Field 2022 Melbourne and further detail about the winner of the Melbourne cup 2022. Follow our blog to know further.


Thrilling win at the Melbourne cup:

The 2022 Melbourne cup was quite thrilling. The favorites who were expected to win the cup failed to do so. As per reports, Gold trip won a thrilling race in the Melbourne Cup 2022. This race is his only second win in his racing profession. The gold trip made a remarkable finish to make his way to win the Melbourne cup.

As per reports, the horse rider’s name is Mark Zahra, and the horse belonged to the UK. It was the most promising moment for Mark to win the Cup field 2022 Melbourne. Mark beat the Geelong Cup winner, who came second in the race.

Mark’s way to win the Melbourne cup 2022:

Gold Trip wins the Melbourne cup 2022, and this has been one of the most exciting moments for Jockey Mark Zahra. In this race, the Geelong Cup winner came second, whereas the favorites starring Deauville Legend came forth in this race.

Gold Trip is the same horse who was ruled out from the Melbourne spring last year because of the Vet checks and has now won the Melbourne cup 2022. At the same time, Mark was also not allowed to ride the 2021 Melbourne cup champion horse starring Verry Elegant. 

Lizzie jelfs Melbourne cup Tips:

In previous races like Caulfield Cup and Cox Plate, Mark came second in both races. However, it was a thrilling finish in the Melbourne cup to finally become the Champion. This is considered the second win for Mark Zahra in his racing profession. 

Through her excellent tips, Lizzie jelfs is said to have excellent knowledge about horses who have become fans’ favorites. She presents Sky racing. However, there were no tips given by Australia’s racing media voice starring Lizzie jelfs for the Melbourne cup 2022.

Melbourne Cup 2022 Horses:

Listing down the horses that participated in the race:

  • Gold Trip
  • Emissary
  • High Emocean
  • Deauville Legend
  • Realm Of Flowers
  • Daqiansweet Junior
  • Smokin’ Romans
  • Stockman
  • Knights Order
  • Vow And Declare
  • Arapaho
  • Hoo Ya Mal
  • Without A Fight
  • Grand Promenade
  • Young Werther
  • Montefila
  • Tralee Rose
  • Duais
  • Numerian
  • Serpentine
  • Camorra

Results of the Melbourne Cup 2022:

Given below is the result of the Melbourne Cup 2022:

  • 1st- Gold Trip (FR) Mark Zahar, (David Eustace and Ciaron Maher)
  • 2nd- Emissary, Patrick Moloney (Michael Moroney)
  • 3rd – High Emocean, Theodore Nugent (David Eustace and Ciaron Maher)

The result above states Melbourne Cup Field for 2022, along with their barriers.

Summing up:

To get more information on Melbourne cup 2022 and its results, press this link. 

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Melbourne Cup Field 2022 Sweep- FAQ:

Q.1 Who won the Melbourne Cup 2022?

Answer: Gold Trip

Q.2 What is the Jockey’s name riding the 2022 Melbourne cup champion horse?

Answer: Mark Zahra

Q.3 Did Gold Trip participate in the Melbourne Cup 2021?

Answer: No

Q.4 How many races did Mark Zahra win in his career?

Answer: 2 races.

Q.5 Who were the trainers of Gold Trip?

Answer: David Eustace and Ciaron Maher

Q.6 Who came second and third in the Melbourne cup 2022?

Answer: Emissary and High Emocean.

Q.7 Did the favorites win the Melbourne cup in 2022?

Answer: No 

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