Cryptocurrency Exchange: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Investing in cryptocurrency allows you to earn income. Attractive exchange rates, transaction speed, and minimal commissions attract users from all over the world.

Novice investors face a lot of problems. And one of them: is how to choose a suitable crypto exchange. Let’s look at the types of services and how to select the most suitable one.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange is an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. The service allows you to buy, sell and exchange bitcoins, altcoins, and fiat funds. Investors love this option for its low commission rate and quick purchase of tokens.

There are two types of crypto exchanges:

  • centralized;
  • decentralized.

The first option is the most common. For the exchange of cryptocurrencies, a third party is involved, which guarantees the safety and reliability of the transaction. It greatly simplifies cryptocurrency transactions and allows you to find a partner for a deal quickly. The WhiteBIT exchange is the biggest crypto exchange with centralized management. It guarantees the safety of assets and the protection of users’ data.

A decentralized exchange does not require intermediaries to operate. Blockchain technologies and smart contracts do all the work. It is a faster way to exchange tokens.

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Choosing the best crypto exchange is simple. There are several vital points to consider when selecting a platform.

Cryptocurrency Pairs

For a successful exchange of tokens, you should pay attention to the list of currencies with which the service works. It will diversify the investment portfolio through one exchange crypto.


The exchange may take a certain percentage of the transaction as payment. Usually, the system automatically calculates the amount. Thus, the user sees how many tokens or fiat money he will receive. When choosing an exchange, you should pay attention to what percentage the platform takes for itself. It is also worth clarifying if there are hidden fees.

Payment Systems

Cryptocurrency exchanges cooperate with many payment systems. It is necessary to clarify whether the service works with your bank accounts and electronic wallets. Thus, you do not have to look for a suitable way to pay for the purchase of tokens.

The Relevance of the Exchange Rate

Top crypto exchanges regularly update information on the cost of tokens. It allows users to navigate the market state better and find the perfect investment moment.

Availability of Additional Tools

Exchanges often provide various tools that make buying cryptocurrencies easier. Before proceeding with financial transactions, it is worth exploring the platform’s functionality. Also, pay attention to the convenience of using the service.

Help Desk Work

The support service is what will help you quickly solve the problem. The operator must be constantly in touch and promptly respond to requests. It will save you from unnecessary worries about payment delays or other difficulties.


Feedback from other users will help you get an accurate idea of how the cryptocurrency exchange works. Examine the information about the selected service on different portals. It will help you make the right decision.

Instructions on How to Use the Cryptocurrency Exchange

The exchange of tokens is a relatively quick and straightforward procedure. After you have chosen a service, you need to:

  • register;
  • pass authorization;
  • choose a cryptocurrency pair;
  • specify the number of tokens;
  • enter details for crediting tokens and debiting the payment;
  • confirm the deal.

The term of the operation depends on the number of coins, the exchange’s characteristics, and the system’s workload. Before confirming the process, carefully check the correctness of all details. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. That is, if you enter the wrong cryptocurrency wallet address, you will not be able to return the coins.


The success of all your investments will depend on the choice of a cryptocurrency exchanger. It would help if you did not buy cryptocurrency on the first service. It is better to take the time to find the perfect option for yourself.

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