The Untapped Power of Link Building for Crypto Websites

Navigating the digital landscape of cryptocurrency can feel like a modern-day gold rush. It’s a world bustling with opportunities, innovation, and a constant influx of new players. Amidst this vibrant ecosystem, crypto businesses and website owners strive to secure their sport under the sunlight.

For crypto websites seeking to rise above the digital din, there’s a powerful tool waiting to be harnessed: link building. This post explains the value of this digital marketing strategy and offers some ideas on how you can use it. If you’re looking to dive deeper, check out this guide: for more tips and step-by-step instructions. 

Challenges Crypto Websites Face

Crypto websites often grapple with unique challenges in their pursuit of online visibility:

Misunderstandings and Mistrust

Cryptocurrencies, with their decentralized nature and technical intricacies, often face misunderstandings from the general public. These misunderstandings can breed mistrust, making it more difficult for crypto websites to gain credibility. Many traditional media outlets and websites might hesitate to link to or mention crypto-related content, wary of its authenticity or fearful of perpetuating potential misinformation.

Saturation and Competition

The crypto boom has led to a proliferation of websites, blogs, platforms, and exchanges, all vying for the attention of a rapidly growing audience. This saturation means that even genuinely valuable and informative platforms can get lost in the crowd, struggling to gain the visibility they deserve.

Changing Regulations

The crypto industry is a hotbed for regulatory changes. As governments around the world grapple with how to regulate cryptocurrencies and related platforms, the rules can change swiftly and frequently. These ever-evolving regulations can lead to content being outdated quickly, making it challenging for crypto websites to maintain consistent online visibility without continually updating their content.

Audience Targeting

Cryptocurrencies appeal to a diverse audience, from tech enthusiasts and finance professionals to curious newcomers seeking to dip their toes into digital currencies. With such a wide range of potential visitors, targeting content and outreach efforts becomes complex. Ensuring that the right audience finds (and trusts) a crypto website requires precision and strategy.

Unraveling the Power of Link Building

Imagine you’re at a party, and everyone is mingling and chatting. Now, every time someone points towards you and says, “Hey, that’s the expert on cryptocurrencies,” more and more people want to know you. Similarly, in the vast digital party that is the internet, link building is akin to these recommendations.

Every time a website links to another, it’s like saying: “This site has something valuable to say.” It’s one of the ways search engines figure out which websites are worth being pushed to the top. In the crypto world, where trust can be as volatile as the currencies themselves, these digital endorsements can be gold.

Beyond just bringing in direct traffic, and boosting search engine rankings and therefore organic traffic, these “votes” can also help crypto businesses and website owners: 

  1. Establish trust in a skeptical market;
  2. Become thought leaders;
  3. Building valuable industry relationships;
  4. Yield long-term ROI;
  5. Diversify traffic sources;
  6. Enhance brand awareness.

Link Building Techniques for Crypto Websites

Now that you understand the value of getting sites to link to you, let’s get into the techniques you can use to earn backlinks. 

Guest Posting

What is it?

Guest posting is one of the most common link building tips used in digital marketing. Think of it like being a guest speaker at someone else’s event. You write an article or post for another website, and within that content, you include a link back to your site.

Why is it valuable?

  • Reach a Larger Audience: You get to share your expertise with readers of another site, introducing your brand to them.
  • Build Relationships: By contributing valuable content to other sites, you can build lasting relationships with other industry experts.
  • Quality Backlinks: If you’re posting on reputable websites, you get quality links back to your site, which search engines appreciate.

Using Press Releases

What is it?

A press release is an official announcement or statement from your company that’s shared with the media and other platforms.

Why is it valuable?

  • Widespread Exposure: A well-crafted press release can be picked up by multiple media outlets, amplifying your message and reach.
  • Immediate Authority: Being covered by news platforms can give your site an immediate boost in credibility.
  • Potential Backlinks: If media sites cover your news and link back to you, that’s more quality links pointing to your website.

Creating Linkable Assets

What is it?

Linkable assets are valuable pieces of content on your site that others naturally want to link to, like informative infographics, comprehensive guides, or unique tools.

Why is it valuable?

  • Natural Backlinks: If you create something truly valuable, other sites will link to it without you even asking.
  • Increased Engagement: High-quality content can keep visitors on your site longer, making them more likely to explore further or convert.
  • Establish Authority: By providing exceptional resources, you position your website as a go-to source in your industry.

Claiming Unlinked Brand Mentions

What is it?

Sometimes other websites will mention your brand or website without linking to you. Claiming these means reaching out and asking them to turn that mention into a clickable link.

Why is it valuable?

  • Easy Wins: Since they’re already talking about you, there’s a good chance they’ll be willing to add a link.
  • Boosted Visibility: Turning those mentions into active links makes it easier for readers to visit your site.
  • Improved SEO: Every new backlink adds to your website’s overall link profile, potentially boosting its standing in search engine results.

Navigating the Link Building Landscape Responsibly

As with all great powers, link building comes with its responsibilities. While building a robust backlink profile can significantly elevate a crypto website’s stature, it’s crucial to tread this path with caution and integrity.

Monitoring Your Backlinks

Not all links are beneficial. Sometimes, websites with questionable content or dubious intentions might link to you. Regularly monitoring your backlinks ensures that you’re aware of who’s linking to you and can take action if required. Using tools like Google Search Console or various third-party applications can help in keeping tabs on your backlink profile.

Steering Clear of Black Hat Tactics

The world of SEO and link building is rife with temptations to take shortcuts, known as black hat tactics. While they might offer short-term gains, they can lead to severe penalties from search engines, sometimes even complete de-indexing. 

More than just algorithmic repercussions, these tactics can erode trust with your audience, a price far too high in the credibility-driven realm of cryptocurrencies. While link building is a potent tool in the arsenal of crypto websites, it’s a tool best wielded with care, strategy, and an unwavering commitment to genuine value and ethical practices. 

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