Chua Lik Ling Husband: Who Is Chua Lik Ling Singapore? Also Explore Details On Tan Chuan Jin Daughter, And Son

This article details about Chua Lik Ling Husband and further details about Tan Chuan Jin viral controversies on resignation. Follow our article to know more.    

Are you aware of who is Chua Lik Ling? Do you know about the controversies surfacing on internet relating to Chua Lik Ling? If not, this blog is what you need to go through. The popular Singaporean figure has been surrounded with controversies in recent times. The news about Chua Lik Ling has been trending in the Singapore.

Today’s article will focus on the entire details about Chua Lik Ling Husband and further details about Tan Chuan Jin. Read the blog below.


The controversies relating to Husband of Chua Lik Ling:

Tan Chuan Jin, the popular personality of Singapore has been the talk of the town after he resigns from the parliament. The news about his resignation has been surfacing throughout the social platforms. At the same time, people wanted to learn about his wife after the news about his extramarital affairs with someone else was revealed. Chua Lik Ling Singapore husband Tan Chuan Jin has been trending throughout the online platforms following the viral news relating to his resignation from parliament.

Tan Chuan Jin, the famous Singaporean personality and the speaker of Parliament has recently resigned from the parliament. The news about his resignation from parliament did generate wide spread attention on social platforms. After the news went viral, it has been widely discussed on online platforms. On 17th July 2023, it was reported that Tan Chuan Jin Has resigned from the Parliament. Reports reveal that he had extra marital affairs with People’s Action Party MP Cheng Li Hui beside being married and having Tan Chuan Jin Daughter Sheena and a son. His wife name is Chua Lik Ling. 

As per the statement given by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, he learnt about their relationship since the General Election in 2020. In February, the Prime Minister counselled them about their relationship. Ever after being counselled their relationship continued. Tan Chuan Jin had been in controversies after the news about his extramarital affairs went viral beside being married and the father of their two children. 

On July 2023, Lee Hsien Loong again learnt about their continuing relationship. In a recent interview, Lee Hsien Loong revealed about the resignation of Tan Chuan Jin and Cheng Li Hui. Following the viral controversies, people wanted to know about Tan Chuan Jin Son. There are not much details about his Son On 17th July, they resigned from the Parliament and People’s Action Party (PAP). The news about his resignation has been getting viral on online platforms.

Information about Chua Lik Ling:

Chua Lik Ling, the wife of the Singaporean famous personality and the speaker of parliament Tan Chuan Jin. They both have two children. Their daughter’s name is Sheena whereas their son’s name is not known. There is not much information about Chua Lik Ling.  

The Closing Statement:

To know more information about husband of Chua Lik Ling, click on this link. 

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Chua Lik Ling Husband: FAQ-

Q1. Who is Chua Lik Ling?

Answer: Tan Chuan Jin’s wife

Q2. Is her husband getting viral on online platforms?

Answer: Yes

Q3. What is their daughter’s name?

Answer: Sheena

Q4. Did the news about Tan Chuan Jin trend on internet?

Answer: Yes

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