[Full Original Video] Abby Choi Story: What Happened To Her Husband Real Video Murder? Is Cctv Footage Available on Social Media? Check Here!

The Abby Choi Story is hearth touching to every individual. This post will focus on the complete knowledge of her murder case.

Do you know who Abby Choi is? Did you refer to her sensational murder case? Her murder is trending on each news channel. People from the United States and the Philippines are mourning her death and raising their voices for justice. A team of officials has investigated the case and reported some updates on this.

Looking into the updates shared by the investigators, the curiosity to know Abby Choi Story had urged among the public. Read further and get the updates here.

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A brief story of Abby Choi

Abby Choi is a reputed model in the huge city of Hong Kong in China. After the news of her murder, she became noticed by many. The officials found her beheaded corpse on 24th February 2023 in a house in a small village, Tai Po.

The officials classified Abby Choi Murder after looking into the scenario of a murder site. Some parts of her body were discovered inside the refrigerator, while some were found to be cooked in a soup maker.

The police started investigating this murder case immediately. Abby Choi’s headless body was discovered after three days of being missing. The officials confirmed that the murder weapon used for making pieces of her body were an electric saw and a meat slicer. The official on the murder site recovered this weapon. 

What Happened To Abby Choi

Choi reported her followers on the social platform regularly. Since she was not updating her social platforms, her followers started trending about her whereabouts. The investigation started, and the officials were in search of Abby Choi.

She generally picks up her daughter from school. But, on the day of missing, she did not turn up to the school to take her daughter. 

Some of the Cctv footage was recovered by the investigators. It was found that on 21st February 2023, she entered her car, and the car’s driver was her former brother-in-law. After three days of searching Abby’s headless body was discovered and reported to be a brutal murder. 

Suspect arrested in Abby Choi murder case.

There are seven suspects arrested to date in the Abby Choi murder case. They are listed down here.

  • Choi’s former brother in law-Anthony Kwong Kong
  • Choi’s former father in law-Kwong Kau
  • Former Abby Choi HusbandAlex Kwong Kong chi
  • Choi’s former mother in law: Jenny Li Sui Heung
  • Ng (it is the surname, full name is unknown): an alleged lover of Kwong
  • Lam shun: a yacht rental agent 
  • Irene Pun Hau yin is suspected of arranging a yacht and helping Alex to flee. 

Abby Choi Wiki

  • Full name: Abby Choi Tin fung
  • Date of birth: 15th July 1994
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Profession: Fashion model and philanthropist
  • Husband: Chris Tam
  • Ex-Husband: Alex Kwong Kong chi
  • Nationality: Hong Kong, China

People are looking at Abby Choi Real Video of the murder. Unfortunately, it is not available on the social platform. 

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Abby Choi’s case is too sensational a topic these days. Several suspects are charged in this murder case. Soon we can expect to get genuine justice for the Abby Choi case.

What’s your viewpoint on this case? Comments below.

Abby Choi Story–FAQ

Q1. What was the motive for Abby Choi’s murder

It is suspected that the motive of the murder might have been a property dispute.

Q2. How many children does Abby Choi have?


Q3. What was Abby Choi’s net worth?

HK 100 dollar million

Q4. How many followers does Abby Choi have on Instagram?


Q5. Who are Abby Choi’s Parents?

Abby Choi’s parents’ names are unknown. But, it is reported that they are wealthy and have a construction business.

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