An Ultimate Check-List for Brides: 9 Things That You Must Not Miss Out On!

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Wedding day is indeed a big day having its wide importance in our life. However, you may miss out on important things while packing for your big day! Alongside this responsibility comes a lot of preparations as well. It’s great that you came across this article, as here we can help you shortlist the important items so that you don’t miss out on them. So let’s dive right in and stay prepared with a pen and paper!

1. Wedding Dress

The first and foremost thing you must keep in check is the wedding attire. Try getting your hands on the dress beforehand so you can make the changes you must. The main attraction is the wedding attire; in that case, take your time and choose that. Starting from the wedding gown to the bride robe, to everything. Why wear boring robes to your wedding? Everything should be on point.

2. Casual outfit for relaxation

When you reach the venue, you won’t wear the gown then and there. Carry some bathrobe and comfortable PJs while you roam around and do your makeup and your hair. You should carry these without fail if you reach there one night before the day. Don’t forget your slippers as well.

3. Bag check

Here is a list of some important and small items you must slip in your handbag. These items are small, and there’s a chance that you can miss these items so check on these items one by one. The first thing is your perfume, and then the color of lipstick you’ll be wearing, sunscreen, phone charger, extra clips, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, cotton balls, tampons, panty liners, etc.

4. Wedding Dress necessities

Some important wedding dress necessities that you just can’t miss. These are extremely important as these things complete your wedding look. Undergarments are very important; make sure you pack the proper pair, which is not see-through. Pack that wedding veil if you are wearing one. Your bridal shoes that go with your outfit. Also, as it says, you need to carry “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” Make sure you take some things into account of that.

5. Hair accessories and hair styling tools

Don’t forget to pack your hair serum, hair shampoo, hair styling tools, and different combs. You never know when you might need them, so carrying your own is always safe. Hair accessories that you want to wear with your wedding gown are a must-have! Don’t forget to slip them in while you pack.

6. Check on the wedding cake

Like the wedding gown and wedding ring, the wedding cake is equally important. Keep track of the wedding cake and ensure it reaches the venue timely. Keep a backup plan always in case something happens to the cake; you can always come back with a rescue. It’s always better to order a similar extra cake.

7. Something to munch on

No matter what, you should definitely carry some snacks and juices so that you can munch on them meanwhile. Pack some biscuits, cupcakes, crisps, and peanuts in case you feel hungry or get a sudden craving. Also, carry some emergency medicines and ointments because you never know when you or someone else will need them. It’s always good to carry these, nonetheless.

8. Playlist

Music is a vital thing that works great when it comes to settling a beautiful vibe and mood. Make a playlist of the songs you want to play at your wedding. Share it with the DJ or the person who’ll be playing it. Add at least 25-30 songs to your playlist.

9. Check On The Venue & Last-Minute Arrangements

When it comes to your wedding, you need to keep note of a whole load of things. And that’s possible when you recheck the final list and know everything is on-point. So, ensure you have all the numbers on your phone, and you can finally go through and check on the rest of the arrangements.

Final Thoughts

Cradling emotions like rollercoasters might make you feel overwhelmed, but this checklist will always help you sort out the important things you need to pack. Wishing you luck in your journey ahead. Hopefully, this article was helpful and relevant. Drop your valuable thoughts down below or your experience.

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