{Video Link} Areeka Haq Purple Dress Leaked Video And Photos: Is It On Instagram, Youtube, Telegram

What is Areeka Haq Purple Dress Leaked Video And Photos? Did the footage Leak on 14 Feb? Where is it on InstagramYoutubeTelegram, and Twitter? Read Here!

What are the details of the Areeka Haq Purple Dress Leaked Video and Photos? Who is Areeka Haq? Why is she going viral on social media? What type of video of Areeka has leaked? People from Pakistan are trying to search for the leaked video of Areeka on the internet. Thus, we have decided to provide the details here. 

Areeka Haq Purple Dress Leaked Video And Photos

Areeka Haq is a social media influencer and a celebrity. As per the reports, her explicit video has been leaked on social media. Areeka has been said to be wearing a purple dress in the video. The images of the video go viral on social media, and people are talking about it. 

The video has been spread on Twitter and other social media platforms. However, there are claims that the video is inaccurate, and some people have morphed the video with the help of AI tools. Thus, Areeka is not in the video, but someone plotted the video to tarnish her image. The investigation into the video’s authenticity is also tricky.

Areeka Haq Purple Dress Leaked Video And Photos

Areeka Haq 14 Feb Leak Video

The video started spreading on 14th February 2024, and people began re-sharing it. Many people have also shared screenshots and images from the video. However, searching for the video now will only appear if it has been removed from the social media platforms. Areeka must have taken some action against the malicious video. 

On Instagram, Areeka is very famous and has millions of followers. She has more than 4 million followers and has described herself as a public figure. She follows only 44 people and posted around 420 posts on her account. Areeka is from Pakistan, and probably she lives in Karachi. 

Does Areeka has a Youtube Channel?      

Yes, Areeka has a YouTube channel, and she has posted videos on it. However, she has been inactive on her YouTube channel for a few months. The last video was posted seven months ago. She also did not post YouTube shorts on her channel. People want to know the reason behind her disappearance from the channel.

On Youtube, Areeka has more than 350 thousand subscribers. However, she has only posted around 20 videos. She joined the platform on 14th October 2015. She has 13,673,173 views on her channel. The location is shown as Pakistan. She used to post Vlogs, makeup routines, ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, and more.  

Does Areeka has a Youtube Channel

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More on Areeka Haq 14 Feb Leak Video

Areeka has been trending on social media because of the leaked video rumors. Many people tried to search for the original link to the video; however, they failed. Because the video is not available on social media now. The video footage has been removed from every single platform. 

People are also searching for the link on Telegram, but there are no links. One may find a few pictures or screenshots from the video. We have also heard about the video being fake. Areeka has yet to make an official statement. She is active in social media but still needs to address the matter. 

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Social Media Account Links

Areeka is a famous social media influencer and a TikToker. 

Instagram Profile of Areeka Haq:

YouTube Channel Link:

Areeka has more than 11 million followers and 308.4 million likes on TikTok account. She is very famous on this platform. 

Twitter Account Link:

Areeka has around 4000 followers and follows six people on Twitter

Here, we have provided her social media account link. She is not on Facebook. 


In this write-up, we discussed Haq, a Pakistani social media influencer. As per the news, her explicit video got leaked on the internet, in which she was wearing a purple dress. But, many sources have claimed that the video is fake and morphed. Her video is not available on Telegram. An official statement by Areeka has yet to be made. Would you like to know more about Areeka? Click here on this page link

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Reference Link: [Trend Video] Areeka Haq Purple Dress Leaked Video And Photos: 14 Feb Leak Video, Instagram!

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