Anderson Lee Aldrich Heavy.Com: Find Connection With Mormon Church, Also Know His Grandfather, Father, Crime Scene Photos Details, Find If Social Media Reveals Anything!

This post on Anderson Lee Aldrich will reveal some interesting facts about Anderson Lee Aldrich, a suspect in the shooting at Club Q.

Have you heard about the firing at the LGBTQ club in Colorado? If you have heard about this incident, then you must have heard about Anderson Lee. The identity of the gunman who started firing at the club is revealed. Anderson Lee Aldrich is now one of the most trending topics in the United States and Canada. So, in today’s post, we will discuss this firing, and also the identity of the gunman will be revealed here.


Who is Anderson Lee? 

According to, Anderson is the suspect in a shooting held at Colorado Gay club on November 19, 2022. He was caught by the cops on the spot when the matter was reported to the police at around 11:56 late at night. This shooting left five people dead while 19 were injured. Police also said that around 17 people suffered gunshots. The police have interrogated the suspect.

DISCLAIMER: The video of the crime scene has not been released. Moreover, some CCTV footages of the location where the shooting was held are available. You can check them on online sites

Mormon Church Connection With Anderson

As per reports, it was found that Anderson had connections with Mormon Church through her mother. His mother is a member of this church. So, he may have links with the church. As per reports, Anderson’s mother had groups on several social media accounts where she had referred to her son. She also pen down a note where she requested everyone in the group to help her. Last year in July, Aldrich was also detained for threatening her mother with weapons. So, it is clear from the information provided online that his mother is linked with the church and so is Anderson.

Video on Social Media

This news is circulating on every news channel and social media. The police are trying to search for new evidence on this matter. On YouTube, people have shared the footage of the crime scene. But, the real video of the shooting may be disturbing for many of our readers. You can go through the video on YouTube where the reporters have discussed this matter in detail.

Does Anderson have any Political connections?

As per reports, Anderson is the son of Laura Voepel. She is a member of the Mormon Church. But, this does not prove that he has any political connections. But, the Father of Laura Voepel, Randy Voepel is a California assemblyman. This means that directly or indirectly Anderson, the suspect in the shooting held at Club Q may have political connections. However, the police are still figuring out this matter deeply.

More About Shooting

As per reports, the gunman entered the nightclub and carried a long rifle. He opened fire at the people that injured 19 people, 17 people suffered a gunshot, and 5 people were dead. Police received the complaint at 11:56 p.m. and the police reached there at midnight. They disarmed the shooter and caught him. The suspect is still under the custody of the police. The crime scene Photo is not released on any social sites. We will update the readers once it is released. Please stay tuned with us for daily updates on this matter.


Summing up this post, the readers can check more updates on the Shooting at Club Q here. It will reveal the facts about this shooting.

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Updates on Anderson’s Grandfather and more: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old is Anderson?

Ans. As per some online sources, the exact age of Anderson is not mentioned. Some had mentioned that he is 22 while some say he is 21. So, the suspect is in his twenties.

Q2. Who is the mother of Anderson?

Ans. Laura Voepel is the mother of Anderson.

Q3. What is Anderson’s birth name?

Ans. As per reports, Anderson’s birth name is Nicholas Brink. He changed his name because of online bullying.

Q4. How is Randy Voepel connected to Anderson?

Ans. Randy Voepel is the maternal Grandpa of Anderson. For your information, Randy Voepel is the assemblyman. 

Q5. When did the shooting take place?

Ans. The shooting took place on November 19, 2022, at around 11:56 p.m.

Q6. How many people were injured and died?

Ans. Overall 19 people were injured and 5 people died during the shooting.

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