[Watch Link] Al Hasib Orko Viral Video Link: Is Download Details are Available on Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter?

The article below briefly explains about Al Hasib Orko Viral Video Link. We also shed light on his social media presence.

What is Al Hasib Orko? This name has sparked the talk among the people of Bangladesh. People worldwide saw this name flashing over their social media apps, and since then, people have been interested to know about it.

People have different narratives about this name so we will look at the Al Hasib Orko Viral Video Link in this article.

Disclaimer: The article is aimed to provide information to the readers. We have no intention to defame any individual. The information provided in the article is available on the Internet,

What is the fuss with the Viral Link of Al Hasib Orko?

A guy named Al Hasib Orko is going viral on different apps like Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit He calls himself a video creator, and on his Instagram profile, he also attached a link to his YouTube channel. But when people entered the profile and tried to click the YouTube link. It took them to a fake channel on YouTube.

There was no sign of Al Hasib Orko on that channel, and people were triggered and wondering if it was a scam account to prank people.

Information about the Al Hasib Orko Video Download YouTube Channel

  • When you visit the channel, you will see the channel’s name is “Fake Channel.”
  • The user of that channel is @Ulalalalalalulalalaa, which also seems like a prank.
  • That channel has no videos or community posts, but some videos are labeled as Vlogs, Funny videos, and Pranks in the playlist section.
  • Even though this channel looks like a ghost, 9.59k people have subscribed.

Instagram Information of Al Hasib Orko

  • According to his Instagram account, Al Hasib Orko is a claimed content creator who is a part of a gang unknown.
  • On his Instagram, he is active, and there he has 4985 Followers.
  • From his Instagram posts, he seems like someone normal who posts about their life occasions on Instagram.
  • From his Instagram account, nothing looked suspicious as he has a decent number of likes on his post compared to his followers list.

Al Hasib Orko Real Youtube Channel

Although there is a fake channel link on his Instagram profile, people get his real channels if people search for the name on YouTube. He has more than one channel named “Al Hasib Orko” and “Orko Vlogs.”

On his first channel, he posts his rap songs and other personal videos and vlogs, but the other channel seems to be created by his fans as “Fan of Orko vai’ is mentioned in the caption.

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How do his Twitter Fans react to his viral YouTube Link?

First, from his Instagram, people were skeptical about this guy and doubted if they should trust him. But from his real YouTube video, he looked genuine young content creator.

In the comment section of his video, people encourage him and support him for his hard work and the type of content he creates.

Did Al Hasib Orko get viral on Telegram?

No, he did not go viral on Telegram, but some accounts there posted his video, which they took from his Instagram and YouTube channels. There is no authenticity of those Telegram channels.

One of the channels has deleted all the videos they posted about Al Hasib Orko, and the second channel has posted a video of him.

If we talk about his controversial side, no Tiktok videos can be used against him to defame him.

Social Media Links



Everything seems genuine about Al Hasib Orko, but people are still wondering why he has put a fake channel link in his bio.

Is the fake link just for humorous purposes? Comment your thoughts below.

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