Advantages and Disadvantages of .NET Framework Programming

The .NET Framework is an environment that is used in software development and with which it is possible to create and run applications. It is part of a set of tools that are used to create applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Let us consider the product in more detail, identifying its strengths and weaknesses.

Description and Key Features of the .NET Framework

.NET is a massive platform that developers use to build a wide variety of applications. It includes many libraries and programming languages. With the help of this particular platform, programmers manage to create games, applications for mobile phones, web programs and services.

It is presented in several varieties, each of which has its own specific purpose, that is, each of them helps the code to work on the basis of various systems, such as Android, Linux, Windows and others.

Now let’s move on to the concept of the .NET Framework. This is one of the most successful and original implementations of .NET, which helps to maintain the continuity of services, web services and mobile applications in Windows.

If to speak in simple language, so that even an inexperienced person in the field of programming can understand, then the .NET Framework is the base of individual elements of the program code, with the help of which developers can speed up and simplify the process of creating a program. For example, a specialist takes the basis of a window and all that remains for him is to create text content, think over the design and layout of buttons and menus.

Additionally, the .NET Framework includes enhanced APIs and a set of tools to speed up your workflow.

Components of the .NET Framework

The .NET Framework architecture has four main elements. Let’s consider each of them:

  1. Framework FCL class library is a standard type of library that collects reusable interfaces, classes.
  2. Tools for creating standalone applications – for example, Visual Studio is used to develop interactive applications, sites and services for desktop devices.
  3. The CLS language is for understanding the implementation features of objects.
  4. Shared CLR runtime – represented by a virtual machine whose main task is to run the platform and manage the execution of NET. programs.

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Pros and cons of .NET Framework

If you use this platform, you can create a wide variety of applications, since it can be used to combine several services that are written in different languages. In this case, any problems that occur between different versions are automatically resolved. What else can be said about the positive aspects of the platform? Let’s mention:

  1. There is an efficient and simple caching system.
  2. A large number of participants can be connected to the development process.
  3. Simple service.
  4. Object-oriented type of software development.
  5. Access to Visual Studio – an integrated environment where you can create, test and deploy finished products on different platforms.
  6. Cross-platform support, which allows you to work with different platforms.
  7. The presence of a built-in library.
  8. Automatic monitoring.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, the product in question is not without its drawbacks. Among them are the following:

  1. There are limitations in object-relational support.
  2. Updates apply only to new versions of the program, while the old ones do not.
  3. You need to work according to the rules of the provider, that is, Microsoft, as it is the creator of the .NET Framework product.
  4. Expensive license.

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