[Updated] Abby Choi Cctv Footage: Is The Body Photo & Video Available On Online Platforms? Check Reddit Links & Biography Here!

The article below informs about the suspects and Abby‘s additional information through Abby Choi Cctv Footage on her murder case.

Did you hear about the murder case of Abby Choi? The news about Abby Choi is circulating all over the world. People from the Philippines and worldwide want to know what happened to her and what was in the CCTV footage.

If you are curious to know the answers, then keep up with this article. This article will inform readers about Abby’s murder case and Abby Choi Cctv Footage.

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What was in the CCTV Footage?

The CCTV footage of Abby Choi was a great help for police to go further with the case and find the suspects. In the video, she was last seen picked by his ex-brother-in-law in a seven-seater car at the estate.

After reviewing the CCTV camera, police discovered the last place the car had taken her was Tai Po’s Lung Mei Tsuen. 

What did the police do after watching Abby Choi Video?

After police found her last location through the video, they immediately deployed several officers to look into the case and investigate the neighbors. After a door-to-door investigation and watching the surveillance footage within 24 hours, they found the crime spot on the ground floor of the 3-story building.

At the crime scene, many things were directly related to Abby Choi’s death and showed that she was killed there.

What Body Photo did police capture from the crime scene?

  • From the crime scene, police captured several Body parts and things which are- 
  • Ribs and skull, which are believed to be Abby Choi’s.
  • In the refrigerator, they found 2 female legs.
  • Police seized Two large soup pots and found a meat grinder, knives, and an electric saw.
  • Police are still searching for her remains, including Choi’s hands and torso.

Abby Choi Reddit reaction to suspects of crime

  • The suspects in the crime are Abby Choi’s ex-husband Alex Kwong Kong-chi, his mother, his father, and his elder brother.
  • A 47 years old woman is the fifth suspect for abetting and aiding a suspect.
  • The sixth suspect, named Lam, helped the suspect flee by water for US$13,000.

People on Reddit reacted to this news when they showed how bad they felt for the victim and how brutally she was murdered by the people she trusted. They also stated that culprits should face heavy punishment for their crimes. They also send their love and condolences to Abby Choi’s family and friends.

Biography of Abby Choi

Abby Choi was a 28 years old Hong Kong model and socialite. She was born on July 15, 1994, and was murdered on February 21, 2023. She married Chris Tam, and her former husband was Alex Kwong Kong-chi. She had 1 son and 1 daughter with Alex and 1 son and 1 daughter with Tam.

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The final words

Abby Choi was found dead on a ground floor of a three-story building, and all the suspects in her murder were her ex-in-laws. 

Do you think they killed her for her money? Comment down.

Abby Choi Video (FAQs)

1-When did the police find the CCTV footage?

A- On February 25, 2023.

2-When was she married to Alex?

A- When she was 18 years old.

3-Was her second marriage with Chris registered?

A- No.

4-Did the police find her ex-husband?

A- No, he ran away.

5- Was Abby Choi helping her in-laws financially?

A- Yes.

6-What is the Adjourned case date?

A- May 8, 2023.

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