[Updated] 25th Anniversary Yugioh Box: Read Full details about Anniversary Display Here!

The article provides the complete information about the 25th Anniversary Yugioh Box and its pros to the players in a simple manner.

Are you the person who loves to play the Yu-Gi-Oh card game ardently? Do you guys know that it is going to be 25 years since the publication of this card game?

If not, then this article explains about the special card edition that is going to hit the markets of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Germany. But there are many unknown facts hidden behind this 25th Anniversary Yugioh Box, and this article explains them in a very detailed manner.

Interesting details about the legendary Yugioh box

The Yugioh Trading Card Game is one of the most popular games in the world and has sold 25 billion cards globally since its establishment in 1999. The cards are published by the Konami Company in Japan.

In order to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the company has decided to sell the legendary version of the card game.

The speciality of this box is that this 25th anniversary box contains the bonus cards, most fans requested cards, secret version cards, and the original Monsters card.

Thus, it has raised the level of curiosity among the fans.

What are the specifications of the product?

Type: 25th Anniversary Edition – A Legendary Collection Collector’s Set

Product Type Collector’s Set
Tournament Store Launch Date – Official  19th April 2023
Launch Date 21st April 2023
Konami Tournament Legal Date Legal Already 
Maximum Retail Price $31.99 per Set

Yugioh 25th Anniversary Display set product details

Here is the list of products that will be present in that legendary box.

  • One pack of Invasion of Chaos, Dark Crisis, Legend of the Blue-Eyed White Dragon, Pharaoh’s Servant, and Metal Raiders cards
  • Ultra rare dragon cards like RedEyes Black, BlueEyes White, and Slifer the Sky
  • And other ultra-rare cards like Dark Magician and Obelisk the Tormentor.
  • 1 Quarter century rare card

Launching date

The 25th Anniversary Yugioh Box will officially launch on April 21, 2023. But it was released in the official store on April 19, 2023. And the announcement has been made very early for the fans to preorder the box.

Price of the special edition box

Presently, the product hasn’t been launched in the market, and so far, fans have only pre-ordered the Yugioh Box.

  • The price of each set is around 31.99 dollars.
  • Due to the supply and demand in the market, the price of the special edition box may be reduced up to 24 dollars per set.
  • And the cost may vary based on the local tax laws and shipping costs.

25th Anniversary Yugioh Box Pros

  • This legendary version of the cards will definitely act as a nostalgic factor because it has introduced many vintage card collections into this package, thus the players will surely have a surreal moment.
  • The price of the set is comparably low; thus, it is affordable for many children from lower economic backgrounds as well.
  • Even though Konami Company announced this version as a limited and special one, the production of the products is very high, thus the availability of the product to the fans will be higher in nature.


The article clearly explains the 25th Anniversary Yugioh Box and its price and launch date details. Actually, Yugioh is the card game that was inspired by the game Duel Monsters, and from the manga Yugioh. There are some misconceptions revolving around the idea that players should definitely have knowledge about the game, but it is not true that players can learn easily without playing the game itself. So happy card playing!

For more information about the purchase, visit here. Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition – Yu-Gi-Oh!

FAQs on 25th Anniversary Yugioh Box 

Q1. What are the Legendary Collection contains in 25th Anniversary Edition?

Answer – The collection set has below content-

  • 1 pack of Metal Raiders
  • 1 pack of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
  • 1 pack of Spell Ruler
  •  1 pack of Pharaoh’s Servant
  • 1 Ultra Rare Obelisk the Tormentor card, 
  • 1 pack of Invasion of Chaos, 
  • 1 Ultra Rare Slifer the Sky Dragon card, 
  • 1 pack of Dark Crisis,
  • 1 Ultra Rare The Winged Dragon of Ra card, 
  • 1 Ultra Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, 
  • 1 Quarter Century Secret Rare version of 1 of the 6 aforementioned cards
  • 1 Ultra Rare Red-Eyes Black Dragon card, 
  • 1 Ultra Rare Dark Magician card,

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