Yazan Alasmar Biography: Who & How Old Is He? Check Wiki To Keep An Eye on Wife, Net Worth, Height, Family & More Facts!

Yazan Alasmar Biography write-up details a social media influencer getting famous for his lavish lifestyle.

Do you know about the person famously known as the small Sheik of Dubai? Are you searching for recent updates and details on Tik Toker named Yazan? The famous social media influencer uploaded a video where he was seen with a beautiful girl gifting an expensive ring. 

Social media users Worldwide started looking for information on this short man to know more about him. People are surprised that the short man leads a lavish life beyond an ordinary man’s reach. To learn everything about the small Sheikh, read Yazan Alasmar Biography till the end.

Biography of Tik Toker Yazan:

Yazan is a thirty-one-year-old Emirati citizen famously known as the Small Sheikh of Dubai. He completed his studies at reputed schools and colleges in the United Arab Emirates. Alasmar worked in many private companies and gained experience before becoming a social media influencer.

He has also collaborated with various brands and magazines for their marketing and promotional activities. Yazan has a huge fan following on different social media platforms and generates revenue from them. 

Yazan Alasmar Wiki:

Netizens are searching for personal detail of this Tik Toker as they want to know the reason behind his lavish life. We have listed some known facts about this social media star.

Nickname Yazan Alasmar
Full Name  Aziz Al Ahmad
Popularly known as  Small Sheikh of Dubai
Date of Birth 1990-1991
Age  31-32 years
Place of Birth Dubai
Nationality  Emirati
Religion  Islam
Educational Qualification Graduate
Residence  Dubai
Parents  Not Available
Profession  Social media influencer 
Ethnicity  Mixed
Net Worth  $ 1.5 Million – $ 5 Million approx.
Height (Approx.) 3 feet

How much does Yazan Alasmar earn?

Aziz’s lavish life has attracted the attention of internet users worldwide. Most people want to know his source of income and the secret of his extravagant lifestyle. He has a decent following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube and generates some revenue from his activity on these sites. 

Alasmar’s YouTube channel has monthly views of around 830 thousand, and he may be earning $ 90 thousand per year. His approximate Net Worth is many times more than one year’s revenue from his YouTube channel. Yazan also works with different brands and magazines as an influencer and gets paid for it.

Small Sheikh of Dubai must have another source of income, such as ancestral property or sponsor money from clients setting up businesses in UAE to lead such an extravagant life. The Ad revenue from YouTube content is not enough for Alasmar to sustain such a high standard of living.

How Old Is Sheikh Alasmar?

According to digital media sources, Alasmar was born between 1990 and 1991 and is 31-32 years old. He is an Emirati citizen, but nothing is known about his parents or close relatives. 

Yazan Alasmar Physical Attributes:

Some of the physical attributes of Sheikh Aziz are mentioned below for his fans.

Height (all dimensions) 3 feet, .91 meters, 91 cm
Colour of Eye  Brown
Hair colour Brown
Weight 15-20 kg, 33-44 lbs.
Tattoos No
Piercing  None

Yazan Alasmar Parents, Siblings, Family and More:

The pics on his Instagram account suggest that Aziz belongs to a wealthy family, and several luxury cars can be seen at his home. He is well-educated, and his family has given him all the luxury of life. 

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Note – All the details given in the post are based on internet research. 

Final verdicts:

The lavish life of Yazan Alasmar, as depicted on social media sites, has attracted netizens’ attention towards this little Sheikh. Are you a follower of Yazan? Please comment. 

Yazan Alasmar Biography: FAQs

Q.1    What is the real name of Yazan Alasmar?

 Aziz Al Ahmad is the actual name of Alasmar.

Q.2     Yazan is a citizen of which country?

Alasmar is an Emirati citizen and lives in Dubai.

Q.3    What is the height of Yazan Alasmar?

Yazan has an approximate height of 3 feet.

Q.4    What is Yazan famous for on the internet?

 Alasmar is famous for his Instagram reel and lavish lifestyle.

Q.5   Is the girl whom Yazan gifted the ring to his Wife?

No, Yazan is not married and is not dating any girl.

Q.6   What is the estimated worth of Aziz Al Ahmad?

Aziz Al Ahmad’s approximate worth is between $1.5 million and $5 million.

Q.7   How many followers does Yazan have on Instagram?

Yazan has 1.2 million followers on his Instagram Account.

Q.9     Who Is He gifting a ring in a viral video on Instagram?

Yazan is gifting a ring to a blonde girl in a viral video.

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