Xavier Thorpe Addams Family: Explore Xavier Thorpe Wednesday Star Details, Along With Updates From Twitter, and Reddit Post!

This post on Xavier Thorpe Addams Family will explain all the details of the Xavier and the Wednesday series.

Have you heard about the new Wednesday movie? Do you want to know about Xavier from the Wednesday movie? If yes, stay tuned to this post as we will introduce all the details related to Xavier Thorpe Addams Family. People from the United States and the United Kingdom are constantly searching to know about the character of Xavier from Wednesday.

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Who is Xavier Thorpe from Wednesday?

Percy Hynes White plays Xavier Thorpse’s role. Percy is a 21-year-old actor who has appeared in several movies. He is from Canada, and his father is a famous novelist, actor and director, Joel Thomas Percy. 

Besides this, his mother’s name is Sherry White, an actress. Percy earned fame when he appeared in a FOX series called The Gifted. In this series, he acted with many famous actors. Currently, he is renowned for his role as Xavier Thorpe Wednesday. All eight episodes of the Wednesday series were released on 23rd November 2022. Since it was released, people have been very impressed by Xavier’s character as he was one of the standout characters in the series.

What character does Xavier have in the movie?

In the Wednesday movie, Xavier is introduced as Wednesday’s classmate in the academy. He is the son of a famous psychic in the series. Xavier is also a psychic and has a superpower that if he paints anything, it comes to life. He is a well-known and rich boy and is wanted by everyone in the academy. People have been talking about Xavier and Wednesday on Reddit. However, Wednesday rejects him, which intrigues his interest in her, and he tries to get around her. His character also brings suspicion to him once in the series. 

What is the Wednesday series?

Wednesday series surrounds a girl named Wednesday, who Jenna Ortega plays. In the series, Wednesday is sent off to a boarding school named Nevermore academy. After that, a classmate from her academy gets killed suddenly. Wednesday tries to uncover the culprit by investigating the academy. However, she has a weakness: being friendly and forming romances. Later, she is admired by a boy named Xavier, her classmate. In the end, Wednesday uncovers the mystery and discovers the culprit.

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This is to inform the readers that the above article contains a spoiler for the Netflix series Wednesday. 


To summarise this post, we have explained all the details about the new actor and his role. Besides this, readers should check out the Wednesday series if interested. To watch the trailer of the Wednesday series, click on the link 


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Xavier Thorpe Addams Family – FAQs

Q1. What is Xavier’s real name?

Answer: Xavier’s real name is Percy Hynes White.

Q2. How old is Percy Hynes?

Answer: Percy Hynes is 21 years old.

Q3. Where is Percy from?

Answer: Percy Hynes is from Canada

Q4. Has Percy performed in any other movies?

Answer: Yes, Percy has performed in The Gifted.

Q5. What is the Wednesday series?

Answer: Wednesday series is about a girl named Wednesday, and it portrays her adventures.

Q6. What is the character of Xavier in the Wednesday series?

Answer: Xavier is portrayed as the rich and famous kid in the series with psychic and gifted powers.

Q7. When was the Wednesday series released?

Answer: Wednesday series was released on 23rd October 2022

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