Write For Us + NFT Blog: Implement The Rules (2023)

This post, Write For Us + NFT Blog will give you a wonderful chance as a contributor. You will learn instructions which is important for you to follow in your article.

Are you an enthusiastic writer who is familiar with NFT? Investors are interested in cryptocurrency since it is predicted that its market will expand by 30% annually. Opensquares is encouraging various stakeholders in the sector to join its blog article on NFT as new investors search for high-quality content.

Contributors will be able to profit from the platform’s more than 10,000 regular visitors thanks to this option. By Write For Us + NFT Blog contributors can grow and not only this there are numerous additional advantages. Read this article properly.

About us 

We are a renowned website with thousands of daily visitors. Let us tell you about our article niche.

  • We are digital media outlet called Opensquares.org publishes content in specialised categories like reviews, cryptocurrency, and news.
  • Content about NFT – Those looking for information on the daily price, contact address, and debut of new currencies will find this area quite useful.
  • Online shoppers searching for accurate information about e-commerce portals visit this segment to determine the platform’s legitimacy. Reviews – Webpage and analysis are the core of such a category.
  • News – It provides readers throughout the world with the most recent information in the fields of sports, politics, economics, and entertainment.

“Write for Us NFT rules Compose for Us

  • The word count for the blog you created should be between 500 to 1000.
  • The article must be free of all grammatical errors.
  • You should never use any content that is copied directly from another source, since you should always presume that every piece of writing you produce will be submitted for a plagiarism check.
  • When including a link in your article, remember that it cannot contain more than 3% spam score.
  • Always use the keywords correctly, according to the instructions, and with enough space between each term. Include all the keywords in bold and blue.
  • Always make sure to correctly emphasise the keywords you use in your postings. Here on Write For Us NFT Blog Guest Post, links must be bold and green.
  • Ensure that the headers and subheadings are relevant to the content at all times.
  • Use bullets and precise structure or format as instructed.
  • Write SEO-friendly content so that your topic’s SERP rank is higher.
  • Follow SEO practices and implement them in your writing.
  • Write short paragraphs with precise information.
  • Use more of an active voice.
  • The information in your article must be factual and correct.
  • Always avoid using any language in your writings that could offend readers or have a negative connotation.

NFT-related subjects

We trust that everyone has read the list of guidelines for submitting a guest article. We urge you to strive to adhere to our guidelines when composing any of your write-ups as a final recommendation. Your chances of being selected will improve. Now, if you have any questions about NFT postings or are having trouble deciding on a topic for your write-up, you ought to read this section. Regarding NFT Blog “”Write For Us””, we provide some popular subjects.

  • Describe NFT.
  • Does NFT merit purchase?
  • Why do people buy NFT?
  • How NFT operates?
  • NFT safety
  • What are some instances of NFT?

Advantages of Contributing a post on our Webpage

  • There are now a lot of benefits for guest post contributors. In order for you to understand the value of guest post contributors, we are providing some to you all.
  • Contributors on our platform may receive 1000s of visitors to their posts.
  • Their articles may receive worldwide attention.
  • Writing interesting guest posts is a great way for website owners and authors to spread the word about their platforms.
  • In order to help the audience find Write For Us + “”NFT Blog””” it will be given SEO-based keywords.
  • Experts in new currencies can create educational content to entice new users to the NFT currency.

Where to put the article

We have addressed all the important points in the instructions which every content contributor needs to follow for approval. The question now is how to get in touch with us if you’re interested in working as a contributor. You can submit your content to braydenwilson763@gmail.com. If your content is up to par, one of our experts will review it and get in touch with you right away. Be patient till then, and make an effort to follow the guidelines we have provided in your write-up.


We have covered every topic about Write For Us + NFT Blog and how to contribute to it in detail. Contributors now have a fantastic opportunity to engage with the 10000+ people who will visit their guest post of NFT every day, thanks to Opensquares.org. Contact our support team at the email mentioned above if you have any questions regarding the guest post. Please visit this page to learn more about various NFT-related subjects.

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