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Read the Write for Us News article for the guidelines and how to start a new write-up on our platform.

News is a word which plays a vital role in society for upgrading the present issue occurring in our surroundings. News word stands for presenting the information happening around the world in four directions North, East, West, and South. 

Are you interested in presenting your vocabulary in the form of news? Do you have the ability to write news prevailing around you? Do you feel you are capable of it? Then, we are here to support the talent hidden inside you. We show a path to express your scribble for Write For Us News. Read the article for guidelines to start your write-up.

Introduction of our platform

We are proud to represent ourselves that our platform has a more significant number of intellectuals, professors and scholars who are consistent readers. The articles present on our site are used for reference for research on specific topics. We prefer to receive a write-up for news, product reviews, website reviews, cosmetics and many more

We love to educate people on how important it is to read and pursue news around them. The articles published on our platform are for a global audience. We publish blogs and articles which enlightens the mind of readers.

Required skills for Write for Us + News 

The writers should keep in mind that their work will look over globally. In the article, the writer can mention any instance which may occur in future. The readers may be an expert in the topic of the write-up.

The writer must be careful about the article’s information and be truthful. The writer should have a clear idea about the topic rather than having any excellence certificate. The writers who are experts in writing blogs, content writing and articles are welcome to guest post on our prestigious platform.

Instructions for News Write for Us.

  • The writers should be able to gain a massive response from readers globally.
  • The writers must try to correlate real-life incidents in their articles.
  • The writer can include practical knowledge in the write-up to improve the quality of the news presentation.
  • The write-up can be a “How-to” guide related to the topic.
  • The article can have blogs, posts and quality measures regarding the news.
  • In the write-up, the writer can include the importance of news related to human growth in society.
  • Readers love to know the pre-history of the news and its origin.
  • In the Write For Us News article, the writer can include the recent shows conducted on the topic.
  • Try to correlate your article with the significance of news in the present situation.
  • The writer is free to present his suggestions about news in the article.

SEO regulations

  • The writer should be well versed in presenting, researching and implementing in his writings.
  • The writer should mention facts rather than his perceptions.
  • The write-up should be free from grammar and plagiarism. Make sure that your Grammarly score is above 98+. 
  •  The Write For Us News article should be appropriately presented with headings, sub-headings, bullet points and reference links.
  • The write-up should not have disrespectful content. Do not use any abusive words in your writing. 
  • The write-up must be within the 800-1000 words limit.
  • The article must earn a good readability score as an ordinary man can understand the topic. So, please make sure to create short paragraphs. Avoid writing long paragraphs. And use easy and understandable English words. 
  • The spam score of your article must not exceed 3%. 
  • The writer should have the ability to grab the attention of the experts.

Submitting the news written for us

We are ready to accept any article from the writer to verify their work. If the writer is confident presenting their Write For Us News article, mail us at gp.opensquares@gmail.com.

Once the article is accepted, we shall verify and can alter any changes in the write-up. We earn absolute rights on the article. We may delete or add any information in the write-up for our necessity.

We shall contact you before publishing if the write-up gets selected on our platform. If once we accept the work, you do not have the right to publish article on another platform. 


We prefer to work with writers with good understanding and presenting skills. The article helps how to start an article for Write for Us News. The writer should present the information flexibly, which may help him earn more readers worldwide. Try to follow the rules as mentioned above and have positive feedback for your work.

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