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If you are interested in sharing knowledge about increasing fitness levels naturally, then read these guidelines for Write for Us Natural Health.

Thinking about natural health, we imagine curing diseases with naturally with pseudoscientific medicine. But, natural health covers more comprehensive topics based on the principle that prevention is better than cure.

While home remedies can be suggested by anyone, authentic and effective natural remedies require more research. If you know about improving health naturally, you can share your knowledge by submitting Write for Us Natural Health guest posts on our platform.

About opensquares.org:

Opensquares.org is one of the reputed platforms that publish write-ups daily related to bitcoins, blockchains, currency exchange, education, finance, money market, motorcycles, NGOs, product and website reviews; cryptocurrency, real estate, shopping tips, technology, topics related to law and legal issues, news and trends; business, and more.

In our exclusive health section, we provide our global audience with information related to wellness and fitness. We have several articles related to fitness equipment and allopathy. Hence, we focus on providing our readers with information related to natural health.

Skill sets for Write For Us Natural Health Guest Post:

The writer should be able to do in-depth research about natural health topics. He should be able to understand terminologies and topics related to natural health. Additionally, the writer must have excellent written communication skills.

Preferably, knowledge about naturopathy, alternative medicines and natural therapies is valued, including:

  1. Acupuncture points and therapy,
  2. Ayurveda and herbs,
  3. Chakra healing,
  4. Colour therapy,
  5. Crystal therapy,
  6. Designing daily routine as per the requirement of the human body or as per the Chinese body clock,
  7. Detoxification,
  8. Essential oils,
  9. The human energy system,
  10. Knowledge about meridians,
  11. Liquid diet for weight loss, Natural Health + CBD Oil,
  12. Music therapy,
  13. Natural health drinks,
  14. Natural health recipes,
  15. Natural skin remedies,
  16. Natural sleep patterns,
  17. Nutrition and natural supplements,
  18. Physical exercise,
  19. Spiritual wellness,
  20. Yoga,
  21. Legal CBD products,
  22. Anti-stress/anxiety/fatigue therapy,
  23. Measurement of compounds used in home remedies,
  24. Self-hypnotism to achieve well-being, and

Guidelines for posts on natural health:

  • Your article must focus on topics related to natural well-being only,
  • Your write-up may include legal CBD and naturally formulated products,
  • Posts on natural health should not include any advertisement links,
  • The natural health write-up must include safe and scientifically proven subjects, filtering out topics that have side effects,
  • The content of Natural Health “Write For Us” posts must provide factual details by filtering out misinformation
  • Your write-up must contain 1000 to 1500 words
  • Based on the information provided in the article, you must incorporate a safe conclusion,
  • The content of your post must be based on research from reliable sources which can be referred to later,

SEO guidelines for posts on natural health:

  • Your article should include at least 2 images (not copyrighted) related to the topic,
  • The content of your post should include at least 2 do-followup links, one external and one internal. 
  • Posts on natural health must be free of grammatical errors and plagiarism, which means they should be unique and handwritten. 
  • The write-up should not be offensive and should be written in passive voice,
  • The Write For Us + “Natural Health” article should contain bullet points, subheads, and meaningful headings to attract and interest the reader,
  • Your write-up must have a high readability score for the reader’s understanding. Therefore, it must be written in simple and understandable words. 
  • Posts on natural health should not contain redundancy and repetitive details,
  • The content of natural health posts must have consistent keyword placement.


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Submitting natural health write-up:

We reserve the right to modify and review your write-up before publication. So make sure to write your post accordingly in adherence to the protocols and benefits of the topics covered. Once approved, we shall contact you before publishing your posts. You may submit your natural health write-up by contact.opensquares@gmail.com. Contact us on the same email for any more queries. 


We are eager to provide natural health write-ups, considering the requirements of our readers. As the essence of Write for Us Natural Health is towards benefiting the well-being of our audience, we are keen to provide safe and accurate information. Experience as a blogger related to naturopathy, alternative medicine and natural therapy is preferred. Take a look at the link given for more details. 

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