Write For Us Mental Health – Explore Full Guidelines

Please acquaint yourself with Opensquares’s goals, tone, and target readers to customize your Write For Us Mental Health posts!

Discover power of your voice in Mental Health landscape! Contribute your Mental Health write-ups on Opensquares.org, sparking conversations to inspire, educate, and genuinely impact lives of others navigating their Mental Health journeys that prioritize compassion, insight, and collective growth.

If you are a psychologist or Mental Health counsellor, you can share your knowledge via Write For Us Mental Health write-ups.

About Opensquares.org:

Opensquares’s audiences crave insightful perspectives and practical advice from your unique experiences and expertise, which creates valuable resources for those seeking support and understanding on Mental Health topics. 

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Skills Required:

  • Conduct thorough research on Mental Health subjects.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge of various Mental Health topics.
  • Understand audience’s Mental Health interests and preferences.
  • Demonstrate outstanding written communication skills.


  • Formal certification in LPC, LCSW, LMF, trauma-informed care, or substance counselling is not mandatory. But, blogger must showcase knowledge and skills through well-written documents.
  • Preference for writers with prior professional experience in Mental Health.
  • Skillfulness in writing website content, write-ups, blogs, or articles is essential.

SEO Guidelines for Mental Health Write for Us:

  • Mental Health write-ups must be original and not copied.
  • Ensure high readability scores for write-ups.
  • Write-ups should be free from grammatical errors.
  • Avoid passive voice; use an active voice in over 80% of articles.
  • Eliminate redundancy, repetitions, offensive content, or promotional links.
  • Use keywords appropriately and consistently for SEO.

Content Writing Guidelines:

  • Provide accurate information, numeric figures, and facts in Mental Health write-ups.
  • Emphasize subject of Mental Health in write-ups.
  • Stay on topic and avoid deviation.
  • Include two copyright-free images, Do-followup links, and backlinks, an introductory and FAQ section, headings, bullet points, subheads, pros and cons, and reference links in “Write for Us” + Mental Health.
  • Ensure an unbiased conclusion summarizing key points for fairness.
  • A word count between 800 and 1,500 words should be maintained.
  • Use an approachable tone to engage readers from various backgrounds and Mental Health levels. 

General guidelines for crafting content with readers perspective:

Focus on positive messages for hope.

Advise seeking professional help and get information on Mental Health services.

Advise that Medication talk needs qualified healthcare professionals.

Self-care is crucial for Mental Health.

Stress Mental Health awareness, and reduce stigma.

Proofread for typos and misleading sentences.

Use inclusive language and be supportive.

Share anecdotes responsibly and avoid distress.

Mental Health + “Write for Us” posts may offer practical tips for Mental Health, stress, and resilience.

Cover various Mental Health topics and disorders.

Provide links to resources, books, and tutorials.

Be cautious of triggering content, and include disclaimers.

End with a call to action, ask for comments and sharing posts.

Correct Mental Health myths for clarity.

Be culturally sensitive to diverse experiences.

Acknowledge social media’s impact on Mental Health.

Give coping strategies for stress, anxiety, and challenges, Etc.

Mental Health “Write for Us” Topics:

  • Coping with a breakup/chronic illness/loved one’s mental illness/ageing and Mental Health/body dysmorphic disorder/caregiver stress/change/chronic illness/chronic pain/digital detox/existential crisis/fertility struggles/financial stress/gender identity issues/guilt and shame/imbalanced work-life/loneliness/phobias/postpartum depression/racial trauma/relocation stress/school-related anxiety/school-related stress/seasonal affective disorder/separation anxiety/social rejection/technology addiction/trauma.
  • Healthy communication/coping mechanisms.
  • Managing intrusive thoughts/mood swings/social isolation.
  • Mindful breathing exercises/technology use/meditation.
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome/negative self-talk/perfectionism.
  • Understanding attachment styles/borderline personality disorder/panic attacks/personality disorders/self-harm/the impact of exercise on Mental Health/the mind-gut connection.
  • Exploring alternative therapies/aromatherapy/art therapy/bibliotherapy/colour therapy/ecotherapy/equine therapy/horticultural therapy/laughter therapy/mindfulness apps/music therapy/neurodiversity/pet therapy/spirituality.
  • Building a support network/emotional intelligence in children/healthy habits/healthy routines/resilience/self-esteem.
  • ADHD management/Anger management/Anxiety management techniques/Write for Us + Mental Health on Assertiveness training/Bipolar disorder insights/Body image and self-esteem/Cognitive-behavioral therapy/Creative outlets for healing/Cultivating gratitude/Cultivating self-compassion/Depression coping strategies/Developing a growth mindset/Emotional intelligence/Grief and loss/Holistic wellness/Journaling for self-reflection/Mind-body connection/Nutrition and Mental Health/Parenting and Mental Health/Positive psychology/Recognizing signs of burnout/Relationship wellness/Resolving conflicts/Seeking therapy options/Self-care practices/Setting boundaries/Sleep hygiene/Social anxiety support/Social media and Mental Health/Stress reduction tips/Time management for Mental Health/Workplace Mental Health, and more.

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Advantages of Mental Health “Write for Us”:

  • Gain exposure to a wider audience with backlinks to Opensquares.org, your website, and social media pages.
  • Contribute to Opensquares.org Mental Health awareness community/audiences.
  • Connect with professionals in field.
  • Enhance communication and writing skills.
  • Provide valuable content to those seeking help. 
  • Elevate your profile among peers.
  • Increase online presence and network.
  • Strengthen credibility/expertise in Mental Health domain and more.

Submitting write-ups:

  • Submit write-ups to editor.opensquares@gmail.com for review or direct publication. 
  • Email opensquares’s editorial team for clarifications.

Related Books:

  • The Noonday Demon(Andrew Solomon),
  • Lost Connections(Johann Hari),
  • The Body Keeps Score(Bessel-van-der Kolk),
  • Reasons to Stay Alive(Matt Haig),
  • Daring Greatly(Brené Brown).

Final thoughts:

Contributors can choose any Mental Health Write for Us topic, including topics mentioned earlier. Opensquares retains rights to modify or remove portions of your submission. Once approved, don’t submit it elsewhere. We’ll contact you before or within 24 hours of Mental Health post submission.

Please comment on whether these guidelines on Mental Health write-ups are informative for crafting.

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