Write For Us Ethereum – Check Our Guidelines of 2023!

Through this post, the guest post bloggers will learn about the guidelines and benefits of the guest post platform and more about Write for Us Ethereum.

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge about Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the investment market? Do you have good communication or writing skills and want to communicate the same with people? Do you know enough about the stock market that people can learn? You can always do that on the guest post.

Working on guest posts has some restrictions and benefits to it. So, refer to the post further to learn about ethereum and Write for Us Ethereum. Let’s get to know about certain conditions after summarising the portal. 

Details of the portal: opensquares.org

The open square is a platform where you can find very real and authentic news and reviews under some pointers that are:

  • Reviews- Our portal also analyses different products and websites to determine their legitimacy. 
  • Ethereum- We research digital currencies like ethereum, bitcoin, crypto etc. 
  • News – We research world trending news and provide readers with legit information. 

Furthermore, check the instructions for writing a guest post and avail yourself of the following benefits for a better experience. 

Write For Us Ethereum Guest Post: Instructions for writing

  • The written blog should be between 500- 1000 words in length without any plagiarism and grammar mistakes. Grammarly score must exceed 98+. Also, the spam score must not be more than three per cent.
  • Your blogs should be filled with valuable and informative content without any filler lines. Do not write unnecessary details to make your guest post long.  
  • An external link related to the topic should be there in the post after completing 80% of the write-up with proper bold and highlight. The density of the keywords should be under 0.75 to 1.
  • Don’t forget to make the external links bold and green. The internal links will be bold and blue.
  • Write the post in an active voice. 
  • Try to avoid using complicated English words. 
  • Appropriate headings and subheadings should be made to make the post more engaging to the readers. 

Benefits of Write For Us + Ethereum guest post 

  • Since our portal has been popular among the readers, it has 10000+ readers, so writers already have targeted readers. 
  • Your blog will get SEO-oriented keywords to be easily available to the audience. 
  • If a business owner writes a blog under a different title, then his field once you write a post will be there indefinitely and does not get inactive. 
  • If your write-up is found to be fun to read and knowledgeable by the readers, it will increase your SERP rank. 
  • Suppose you start posting a blog regularly on Ethereum, “Write For Us” the readers will start paying attention to it, and the traffic will increase automatically. 

After knowing the pros and guidelines of working with a guest post, you must also be curious about the contact details of the platform. Let’s move forward to the following header. 

How to connect with us? 

If you have already written a post per our guidelines and conditions after availing of our benefits, send it to us at braydenwilson763@gmail.com, and our team will connect with you within a day. Please send us your queries at the same email address. 


Send us your Write For Us + “Ethereum” post after adhering to the following conditions and restrictions, along with the benefits and contact information to save your write-up from rejection. 

Moreover, click here to know basic details about Ethereum. Also, if you are left with any doubt, please contact us on the same email address. 

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