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This post discusses the Write For Us Construction guest blogging opportunity and the standard format every writer must follow.

Writing is an art that requires immense credibility and finesse to make it reach the heart of the audience. This is an excellent opportunity if you are fond of writing articles related to construction as a genre. We are looking for writers with a knack for being expressive and presenting content rationally to the audience. Our Write for Us Construction guest blogging is a golden chance for budding writers and subject matter experts in the related field to develop content that is alluring and grabs the readers’ attention. If you can keep the audience engaged with your write-up and also add to their knowledge base, then do not miss to check out the criteria we list below.

Please read the sections below carefully as we have elaborated further on the criteria and guidelines.

A Gist of the Website

We are an international website and have garnered an audience from across the globe. Our team comprises experts who hold subject matter expertise in their respective fields. We work tirelessly to build content that reaches the audience’s heart and resonates with them. Construction as a topic is incredibly vast, and many of its facades need to be explored. Hence, we expect our writers to have the research potential and curiosity to blend creativity and information.

Our website has content related to multiple genres; some of the popular ones which have garnered a lot of traction include:

News Article: This content covers issues going around the globe as well as locally. We aim to provide readers with information backed by sources and accurate research.

Reviews: The website and product review category aims to provide readers with information on whether the content is a scam or original.

Apart from the above, genres like crypt, science, health, fashion, and more are also popular.

Write for Us + Construction – Prerequisites

As explained in the paragraphs mentioned above, construction is a novel topic. It is a broad genre and requires much more exploration. We aim to build articles that aid in value for the readers. In addition, we expect writers to ensure that each content varies.

So, apart from the guidelines we will explore in the coming paragraphs, we have also enlisted a few eligibility criteria below.

Construction Write for Us prerequisites: For construction-related topics, we want our writers to hold professional degrees or graduate in the field. However, if you have expertise in the subject, you are welcome to explore your luck.

Professional requirements: Whether from the real estate, engineering, or civil field, you are invited to write your ideas in the articles. We also welcome freshers to showcase their talent.

Knowledge requirements: It is necessary to build all content as per the guidelines and content structure we have laid out.

“Write for Us” + Construction – Recommended Topic Ideas

To make it easier for writers, we have enlisted a few ideas related to the topic:

  • How have construction projects evolved over the years?
  • The art of transforming urban spaces with altruistic construction
  • Art of designing for durability – ways to build sustainable structures
  • How can construction projects impact the locals positively
  • What are the latest trends related to using heavy equipment in construction?
  • What is the future of construction?
  • Incorporating 3D printing, AI, and machine learning into the construction
  • The transforming city space – from smart homes to eco-friendly designs
  • Methods to ensure safety in construction sites
  • Essential construction methods for beginners
  • A sneak peek into a day of construction professional
  • What is the overall lifecycle of construction projects?

Construction + “Write for Us” – Must-Follow Points

Our website aims to provide the best for the readers. We expect writers to craft high-quality content that is backed by research and follows the standards we set. Hence, we have highlighted a few essential guidelines that every participating writer must follow diligently. These include:

  • The content must be within the word limit. Every article must fit between 750 to 1000 words.
  • Repetition of words or ideas that speak the same thing must be avoided
  • Each section must be well-connected and contain varied information about the topic.
  • Strictly avoid content crafted to promote or advertise a product or service related to the industry.
  • Every Construction “Write for Us” must go through a thorough grammar check and plagiarism before it is shared with us for publication.
  • We recommend that all writers not use AI-generated content. If caught, the article will be rejected.
  • Every content must be proofread and edited before submission.

SEO Rules

Apart from the above, we expect all participating writers to have basic SEO knowledge for ranking the content on search engines. Essential parameters are:

  • Keywords are essential
  • Maintain the required keyword density
  • Add meta title of 55 characters and meta description of 160 characters
  • Check on SEO tools

Rules for submitting Construction Write for Us Samples

All the writers should mandatorily share their content articles with us by the guidelines via email at editor.opensquares@gmail.com. Please share Google Docs or MS Word files. We strictly do not recommend PDF formats. In addition, every content must include a short writer bio at the end.

Final Conclusion

This article has tried to cover every vital aspect necessary for building content related to Write For Us Construction guest blogs. We request writers read every point, policy, and regulation when drafting the content. We also have added guidelines that must be followed by all writers who wish to join guest blogging. If you have any doubts or queries about any aspect, feel free to email us. We ensure our team gets in contact with you and resolves the doubts on a timely basis. Do share your insights with us. To know more on Construction, click this link.

What do you think about this guest blogging opportunity? Please share with us in the comments box.

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