Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Not Blurred: Check Video Links Went Viral on TWITTER, Reddit & Telegram!

The article reveals the latest reports related to the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Not Blurred images and the latest proceedings of the case.

Are you aware of the latest findings of the Wisconsin team’s leaked images? Since the leak of the uncensored pictures of the volleyball team, people Worldwide are constantly looking for the reports of the case and to know the concluding statement. 

The search for the culprit is still going on, and as this is a high-profile case, it is immensely necessary that the proceedings competently take place. The Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Not Blurred images reports are posted here.

What are the latest reports?

The official authorities have promised the players to reach the culprit and know the exact reason the pictures got leaked from one of the players’ phones. Unfortunately, it is taking a long time, but since this is a case of high-profile girls, it is important to examine the matter in depth.

The investigating officials are still searching into the matter and are trying to point out the real cause that happened to leak the explicit images. The pictures and videos circulated to the wider public, which was never intended to take place.

Wisconsin images Viral on TWITTER

Soon after the pictures were revealed on October 20, 2022, they leaked on various social media platforms. Even after the pictures were taken down from the internet, one of the users still posted images of the volleyball team without anyone’s consent. 

We cannot share the pictures here for confidentiality reasons, but these kinds of deeds are inappreciable.

A person shared the pictures on his Twitter account, and we request the official team to take down the pictures as soon as possible. The police officials and the authorities urged people not to share the images, but they are still being circulated.

UW Athletics statement over leaked Videos and images

The UW Athletics team has said that they fully support the members and are constantly finding ways to know how the images got leaked. They have also assured that they, with the police officers, are investigating the matter, and they know that their private pictures have been leaked.

Those pictures were not intended to be leaked, but they are being circulated digitally. The leaking of the pictures is an illegal invasion of anyone’s privacy, violating student-athletes norms.

Are the Wisconsin team images still present on Reddit?

On October 20, 2022, soon after the news of the leaking pictures was revealed, Reddit became the first platform to showcase the leaked images and circulate them to a huge audience. After the leak, the pictures received much-unwanted attention from people worldwide.

But as soon as the officials knew about the leaked images, the pictures were taken down from all the authentic platforms. There are no images of the volleyball team’s uncensored pictures on the platform. 

Police probe on the leaked pictures of the women’s team

After the reports of Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Not Blurred images circulated on various platforms, the officers took in-charge of the matter. They demanded the pictures and videos be pulled down from the internet. They are questioning the athletics authorities, but they are not questioning the team members.

The police department is investigating various crime branches, including the one that shared pictures without consent. The authorities are providing all the necessary resources to the women’s volleyball team, and they are not being harassed for any wrongdoing in this matter. The images were taken last year in November after winning the championship.

Reports of pictures leaked on Telegram

According to the latest reports, pictures were leaked on Telegram as well. But to our surprise, we have not got our hands on any such uncensored pictures on this platform. Either the images are taken down, or we have not found such pictures.

You can further check the Wisconsin Volleyball team official Twitter account to grab more details for the team.


The end reports of the case are still awaited, and we hope the culprit gets caught soon. What are your thoughts on the matter? Comment below.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Not Blurred-FAQs

  1. Is the proceeding still going on?


  1. Is the culprit caught?


  1. Since when did the volleyball team become famous?

Since November 2021

  1. What led to them becoming famous?

They won the Big Ten Championship Title series.

  1. What pictures are circulating on the internet?

Uncensored pictures of the team lifting their sports jerseys.

  1. What were the hubs of the pictures?

Reddit, Instagram, Telegram

  1. Are the pictures still shared?

We can still find the pictures being shared on some of the platforms.

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