[Nudes Leaked] Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Pictures: What’s The Current Update for Unedited University Images on Reddit & Twitter?

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Details: The leaked images and videos

Most of us are well aware of the Wisconsin University leaked images incident, which created a huge buzz over social media and internet platforms. Well, for those who aren’t aware, back on 20th October 2022, many private pictures and videos of the Wisconsin university valleyball team were leaked all over the internet.           

The girls immediately informed the Wisconsin university authority about the matter. The readers can find the appropriate social media links in the later section.

Where to find the images and videos?

One can easily find the University Of Wisconsin Volleyball Leak images over the internet. The images are still available on the internet platforms despite the steps taken by the UW authorities. The UW previously tried to remove all the leaked images and video clips from various social media platforms.  


Where to find the images and videos                        

But some people saved and continued sharing those inappropriate images. Thus, the images of innocent girls are still being circulated.

Key essentials of the news

The UW police department is continuing its investigation of the viral videos and images. Below are some key essentials to know the depth of this incident.

  • The UW shared an informative post on Twitter after learning about the matter.
  • The post contained information about the incident and updates on the related matter.
  • The girls came to know about the incident on 20th October.
  • The images were leaked from an account named @Itsfunnydude11.
  • The culprit’s social media account has been suspended.
  • Investigation for the incident is still being continued.

Netizen’s Responses: Twitter

Various sources are sharing the current updates of the Wisconsin news. One of the Twitter Users, Stephen, shared the latest updates mentioning that the police are investigating the photo leaked incident.                                       

Another user stated that the Wisconsin university leaked images are wild.

Any Reddit updates?

Almost 40 images were leaked and spread on every social media site. But as we all know, it is impossible to stop such inappropriate activities due to the upgrading of internet technologies. 

But the UW and social media authorities have succeeded in removing some of the images and video clips from Reddit.

Any current updates?

According to the sources, the investigation is still ongoing regarding the incident. Few sources claimed that the police doubted the images would be leaked from within the university. Initially, the police doubted that the team members circulated the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Pictures                                       

Later, the police apprehended that the images leaked through the girl’s mobile phones. As doubted by the UWPD, their cell phones have been hacked to circulate intimate images and videos.

Who is involved?

The whole Wisconsin Volleyball team suffered in this incident. Thus, the pictures and the videos which have been circulated over the various social media platforms involved all 12 members of the team.                                                     

Players like Laura Schumacher, Grace Loberg, Julia Orzol, Liz Gregorski, Anna Smrek, and many others are the victims of this incident. Thus, a Strong investigation is suggested for the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Pictures incident to find the real culprits. 

According to the sources, the police are at the end of their investigation; hopefully, the culprits will be out soon.

Social media Links



It’s high time people should stop sharing inappropriate videos and images now. For further clarification and the latest updates, watch Wisconsin leaked images to video  here. 

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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Pictures– FAQ

Q.1 Who are the girls involved in the incident?

12 team members.

Q.2 Any current updates on the incident?

The investigation process is towards its end.

Q.3 Who is the perpetrator?

The perpetrator is still not found.

Q.4 What is the UWPD’s response on this matter?

The UWPD doubts the source of the leaked images is the girl’s mobiles.

Q.5 Who are the UWPD?

The Wisconsin University Police Department.

Q.6 What does UW stand for?

The Wisconsin University.

Q.7 How to avoid the existing videos?

Report the user’s account on social media that are circulating these videos.

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