Things To Look For While Buying Rc Model Airplanes.

If you are looking for RC model aeroplane details then read this writing to know Things to look for before buying RC model airplanes

Flying a remote-controlled plane is exhilarating. But flying planes aren’t just for kids. Even adults enjoy the thrill, excitement, and satisfaction they provide.

But have you ever flown model airplanes? They run with a hand-held transmitter with joysticks which sends signals to servo motors that control the movements. Over the years, their models have become more sophisticated and efficient.

Rather than just flying them in a straight line or up and down, you can perform various exciting maneuvers, including spin, split-S, and Immelmann Turn. Some of these, like the Immelmann, are replicas of movements during actual dogfights. 

These planes come in various types, designs, completion levels, batteries, and other related factors. For example, as a beginner, an ultra-micro aircraft would be more suitable than something like a giant scale. 

But what are the things you should consider when buying one of these little flying machines? Read on to find out.

Skill level

There are four skill levels for flying RC airplanes, each representing the comfort with which you can handle the device. 

Level 1

Skill Level 1 has trainer aircraft suitable for people without prior flying experience. Model airplanes in this category come in a ready-to-fly version (RTF), requiring no extra accessories or parts. 

Most have a sensor-assisted flight envelope (SAFE) technology which helps in orientation loss and crashes, prevents overcontrol, and has multiple modes that offer better controls.

Level 2

You require some experience to handle planes at this level. You can fly aircraft in these categories if you are comfortable handling a trainer. However, taking off, flying, and landing is easier in these.

Models have an in-built SAFE technology with pitch (rotation of the aircraft) and bank angle (angle between the wings and horizon) limits along with automatic self-leveling, making it easier for you to fly the plane.

Levels 3 and 4

They are suitable for pilots who have experience flying and are comfortable with assembling, setting up, and flying models under this category. Planes usually require additional products or accessories to work, like transmitters, covering, and flight simulators to practice.


Batteries come in three options: 3S, 4S, and 6S. Most remote-controlled jets run on lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries. 

LiPo batteries have several advantages, including being lightweight, offering efficient power delivery, and increased capacity. Compared to other lithium batteries, these have higher specific energy (the amount of energy consumption in weight). 

3S, 4S, and 6S differ based on the cut-off, nominal, and maximum voltage, with 6S offering the best. Battery voltage plays a significant role in the motor’s speed, with high voltage ones capable of turning faster than lower ones.  

Model types

You can choose from model types: trainers, jets, scale military, park flyers, and float planes.

Trainers are ideal for beginners, as they have a high-wing design for extra stability and electric motors that make them easy to control. If you like seeing your plane cross speeds of 100 miles per hour, jets are an ideal choice. Scale military models resemble famous military aircraft like F4U-4, Focke-Wulf Fw, and T-28 Trojan.

Completion level

It refers to the type of components fitted in the aircraft and falls under three categories: Ready-to-Fly, Bind-N-Fly Basic, and Plug-N-Play. Ready-to-Fly includes everything required inside the box, making it ideal for beginners.

Bind-N-Fly Basic is suitable for flyers with a flight battery, charger, and Spectrum transmitter. Plug-N-Play also contains everything you need to fly, except receiver, transmitter, battery, and charger, and is suitable for experienced pilots who must add extra components for better flight, performance, etc. 


RC airplanes are available in three sizes: ultra-micro, park flyers, and giant scale. Ultra-micros are lightweight with manageable speeds, making them ideal for backyard and indoor flying.

Park flyers are electrically powered and should be flown in open spaces like parks. These have a wingspan of fewer than 40 inches.

Giant scales are the largest of the three, with single-wing airplanes having wingspans exceeding 80 inches and multi-wing airplanes having minimum wingspans of 60 inches. 

Remote-controlled model airplanes come in various model types, performances, and features. However, you must consider your skill level, battery, and other related factors to ensure you get the right product.

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