The Importance of Whatsapp as a Digital Communication Platform for Clienteling

In today’s digital age, maintaining a strong line of communication with clients is crucial for businesses to thrive. With the customers’ increasing reliance on smartphones and instant messaging apps, it is essential for businesses to leverage these platforms to provide personalized and efficient clienteling services. Among the various channels available, WhatsApp has emerged as a dominant player in the digital communication landscape with its wide user base and user-friendly interface. This article explores the importance of WhatsApp as a digital communication platform for clienteling and highlights the various benefits it offers to businesses.

WhatsApp is being used by many retailers to provide unique, one-to-one experiences for customers. Once customers opt-in to receive WhatsApp messages from the business, they are assigned a personal customer service agent who guides them throughout their journey, just like an in-store sales associate would. For retailers that cannot afford to assign dedicated specialists to each customer, chatbots are deployed to assist customers every step of the way. These chatbots recommend products, share product catalogs, inform customers of restocks, confirm payments, provide order tracking updates, send thank you notes, book in-store appointments, and announce new product drops. Integrating the WhatsApp Business Platform with existing systems allows retailers to equip their virtual support teams with all the necessary information to serve customers effectively. The use of WhatsApp has not only proven to be effective in increasing conversions, cross-selling, and upselling, it has also reduced abandoned carts and improved shipping and returns processes.

WhatsApp is being used by many retailers

Cloud communication platforms are also gaining popularity among retailers. In-store signages displaying QR codes or chat icons allow curious shoppers to scan the code and initiate real-time conversations with the brand through WhatsApp, in-app chat portals, or web live chat widgets. This not only improves the likelihood of a purchase but also ensures that the conversation can continue on messaging channels. Additionally, the concept of in-store smart fitting rooms with display screens is gaining traction. Existing customers can log in to their accounts and view personalized product recommendations based on their past purchases. They can even add items to their “cart” for faster checkout later, creating a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

Empowering in-store sales associates with dedicated clienteling apps is another strategy adopted by many retailers. These apps, connected to the brand’s CRM, provide salespersons with a wealth of information about shoppers, including their purchase history, online browsing habits, and favorite products. When customers visit the store and provide their membership ID or phone number, sales associates can access their complete profiles on their iPads and gain a better understanding of their preferences. This enables them to provide better assistance, suggest alternatives, offer quick alterations, and provide additional discounts for future purchases. Luxury department store Neiman Marcus saw impressive results, driving $60 million in sales within the first 90 days of launching its clienteling app.

In today’s retail landscape, selling an experience is just as important as selling a product. Brands must create compelling experiences to entice customers and cultivate a loyal following. With customers seamlessly transitioning between digital and physical touchpoints, it is essential for clienteling to bridge the gap between online and offline channels. Successfully implementing digital communication platforms like WhatsApp for Business allows retailers to gain a head start in winning their customers’ love and loyalty.

Whatsapp as a Digital Communication Platform

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