What is Legal Research and Its Types?

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Seeking some updated information on the legal research? Here we provide you with all the facts and important information that one must know about legal research.

Legal research is the process of locating the legislation that controls a certain activity and documents that explain or analyse that law. Want to know more about legal research? We suggest you read the complete article on What is Legal Research and its types for detailed information.

What is Legal Research?

Legal research entails several steps, from acquiring information to analysing the facts of the case and conveying the findings.

What Does Legal Research Mean? Any discipline’s research entails a scientific and purposeful investigation or inquiry into a problem or subject.

 On the other hand, legal research is a scientific examination of a judicial issue or problem and the process of obtaining data or information to confirm or refute particular theories. The research strives to add new information to an area of interest’s current body of knowledge.

Types of Legal Research:

  • Legal Research Qualitative Research aims to explain, interpret, and comprehend occurrences, issues, or events. It deals with the subjective evaluation of a legal or social problem, circumstance, or attitude. It is mostly created by human perception and comprehension.
  • For Legal Research, Quantitative Research – Is focused on the amount or number measurement. It entails keeping track of how often certain events occur. It refers to occurrences that are expressed numerically. The statistical approach is another name for it.

These were the major types of legal research. There is a complete guide in this article on What is Legal Research and its types, so don’t skip any point.

Legal Research’s Importance

Legal research is also required to determine the law on a specific topic or subject, to identify confusions and inherent flaws in the law, and to closely evaluate laws specifically, fundamentals, or teachings to determine their consistency, coherence, and stability, as well as to offer suggestions for law reform. Legal research is an essential part of today’s legal education system. Obtaining academic information, experiential learning, and education.

By situating law in a larger intellectual perspective, the legal study might help achieve these goals. For more details, read the section on Types of Legal Research.

In general, it contributes to appropriate legal reasoning, communication skills, and ethical responsibility are all functions of legal education. We suggest you go thoroughly to each section of this article to avoid missing any information.


The legal research technique is a rigorous and systematic approach to solving any legal problem. The rules of perception of legal fears and difficulties are also referred to as legal research techniques. It’s a systematic approach to constructing an argument.

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