Walmart Shooting Wiki: Has The Manager Get Target At Stand

Walmart Shooting Wiki write-up has the latest information on the 22nd November Chesapeake mass killing incident.

Are licensed guns taking more lives and making places like schools, nightclubs, and marketplaces unsafe for citizens? The recent gun shooting incident at the Walmart store has again questioned the gun control law in the United States. The country is averaging two mass killings each day, a cause of concern for security agencies.

Social media users from Canada and other countries were seen condoning the Chesapeake shooting. Walmart Shooting Wiki has shared a recent update on the incident.


Disclaimer – The report is based on internet research and is for informative purposes.

Details of Chesapeake, Walmart Shooting:

An employee of Walmart has killed and injured several people in a shootout at Chesapeake Walmart Supercenter. According to Chesapeake police initial briefing, most victims are employees of Walmart. The investigation team has raided the shooter’s house and is probing the case with alcohol, Tobacco, firearms and explosives departments.

Place of shooting 

Chesapeake, Walmart supermarket
Date of Shooting 10:30 pm, 22nd November 2022
Name of Shooter  Andre Marcus Bing
Age  31
Profession of Shooter  supervisor at Walmart store
Person killed  six
Person injured  5-6
Status of shooter  Killed
Reason for shooting  Not known


Walmart Manager Andre Marcus Bing:

Andre Bing, a 31-year-old Walmart store employee, is responsible for the Chesapeake shootout. According to some eyewitnesses, the night supervisor at the store entered the break room and started shooting indiscriminately. He fired ten shots in the grocery aisle and snapped the break room.

A survivor stated that the worker gathered in the room to prepare for the next shift. The gunman entered the room and started shooting without uttering a word. Bing was a resident of Chesapeake and lived in various cities like Texas and New York. 

Some customers heard the shot near the Target Stand and saw people coming out of the store. Jeromy Basham, a buyer at the store, uploaded a Facebook video where many respondents can be seen stating their ordeal of the shootout.

Walmart Shootout Victims:


Walmart Shootout Victims

The Tuesday gunshot incident has claimed six victims while another six injured are transported to a local hospital. Tyneka Johnson, Kellie Pyle, Randall Blevins, Brian Pendleton and Lorenzo Gamble are the five victims that were declared dead in the shootout. 

A sixteen-year-old boy was also killed in the Tuesday incident, but police have not named him. All the people killed in the gunshot incident were employees of Walmart stores.

Walmart Shooting Wiki, Social Media Reactions:

#walmartshooting is trending on Twitter, and people have shared their concerns about rising mass killing incidents. Former President Barack Obama tweeted, “We can and must do more to reduce gun violence in America”. The images of Bing were also seen circulating on this Twitter page. 

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Final verdict:

The Walmart shooting has raised concern for ordinary citizens as it occurs in public places and kills innocent people. Are you in favour of gun control laws? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Walmart Shooting Wiki: FAQs

Q.1 How many people are killed in the Walmart shooting incident?

Six people were reported killed in the Walmart shooting on 22nd November 2022.

Q.2 What is the name of the Walmart shooter?

Andre Marcus Bing is the name of the Walmart shooter.

Q.3 When Bing joined Walmart store as a supervisor?

Andre Bing joined the Walmart store in 2010.

Q.4 What is the age of the minor killed in the 22nd November shooting?

The minor killed in the shooting was sixteen years old.

Q.5 How many people were in the store at the time of shooting?

According to Walmart Shooting Wiki findings, 50 people were in the store at the time of shooting.

Q.6 What is the investigation status of the Walmart shooting incident?

The Walmart shooting case is getting investigated by the Chesapeake police team.

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