Viral Scandal November 2022: Is New Cemetery Pinay Video Link Available?

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Have you heard about the recent internet controversy that has gone viral? As a couple was seen making out in a city park, the scandal of the cemetery horrified the people of the Philippines. The scandal became well known, and there are rumours that the couple’s footage has been shared online. 

The government has declared that it will keep an eye on citizens’ actions and put a stop to them. Here, information on the Viral Scandal November 2022 is mentioned. Please read this article thoroughly.


What makes it a “viral scandal”?

The couple was seen having private moments, and it appears that they independently shot the footage. People could see them together in a video of the incident that has been posted online. However, none of the websites has the entire video, and several of the URLs provided lead to entirely different pages.

According to the allegations, somebody saw a couple making out and alerted the police. We have not discovered any video links that are broken due to this New Viral Cemetery.

Is there a connection to an online scandal?

Many platforms claim to have given the viral video’s link. However, no such explicit videos can be located. Also included is a link to the Video platform, but because nothing unpleasant is shown in that video, we need to determine if it is a similar controversy or a separate one.

There is nothing offensive to be observed in the little segments that make up the link. However, it resembles a graveyard. Although a couple might be observed sitting together, that does not excuse the scandal video viral that is being discussed.

The Cemetery Scandal is reportedly going viral on Twitter.

After the controversy gained traction on Twitter as well as other social sites, the general public became aware of it. Unlike the other videos, this one has explicit content that is difficult to find. 

Although no website displays such content or videos on the platform, the video is getting enormous attention, and viewers can’t help but click on this link. On Twitter, there are no comments, and visitors are not permitted to view the page. 

Full Video of the Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery

Several platforms are hosting the trending video of young people having a romantic date in a cemetery. Given that young children also frequent these websites, the film should not have been shared there. Everyone may be wondering why a Filipino word was employed. 

It’s because “Pinay” is a term used to describe a woman. A female and a boy are shown making a relation in this video. As a result, they chose the word “woman” because a woman is involved. 

Viral Scandal November 2022 Reports

Viral Scandal November 2022 Reports

When the controversy was exposed in November 2022, two juveniles were implicated in obscene behaviours. Instantaneously, it was posted to the Internet, quickly gaining popularity. In many corners of the nation, people are responding to the scandal.

Since it has been taken down from the Internet and no reliable sources have been linked, individuals searching for it online won’t find it exactly. Additionally, we learned that the individual who posted this film had been banned from the Internet.

Telegram scandal going viral

The minors captured in the act in a cemetery are primarily responsible for the Viral Scandal November 2022 becoming viral. The two received criticism from the public for their demeaning behaviour. It is commendable that no linkages to Telegram have been discovered in connection with this widespread incident.

Note: We do not support such incidents in any way. This article is written only to provide information. 


The uploaded video does not contain any indecent content and also no links are available on any of the social media platforms related to the scandal of the cemetery. If any link is available, we sincerely hope the movie is removed from the Internet as soon as possible.

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Viral Scandal November 2022: FAQs 

Q1. How has the video become popular?

A: Because of what is happening in the graveyard.

Q2. Which individuals are involved in the scandal?

A: They’re just a little couple.

Q3. Are connections to the trending video available?

A: Links couldn’t be found

Q.4 How long has the clip been doing the rounds?

A: Oct. 20, 2022.

Q5: Who posted the footage online?

A: The person’s account has been suspended, and their identity is unknown.

Q6: Does the video still exist?

A: Yes, the link is provided in conclusion.

Q7: Why did this scandal suddenly go viral?

A; Due to the cemetery’s minors’ misbehaviour.

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