Three Benefits of a Video Intercom System with Door Release

The lives of people are significantly simpler and more convenient as a result of modern technologies. We don’t have to put up with outdated, occasionally unreliable security measures. Thanks to the introduction of new inventions, we now have a wide range of options to pick from, and we may ultimately select what best suits our needs. In this very busy world, sometimes we fail to monitor and upgrade the security systems in our homes as well as in our companies. We cannot also rely solely on our security personnel to keep us safe and secure. Our hard-earned investments must be protected as a top priority because they are what makes our lives comfortable.

It is advisable to add another reliable security system such as a Wireless intercom with door release. It is a new innovation that will surely help us, especially in protecting our homes and companies. Most of the newly built modern apartments have already installed the intercom system with door release. Swiftlane offers one of the most promising apartment and business intercom systems nowadays.

Here are three benefits of a video intercom system with door release.

  • Management of Visitors

Even with very tight security, some uninvited guests and visitors can enter a facility if they have someone they know from the inside that gives them freedom to roam around. How can the tenants and owner detect and prevent these things from happening? To allow unauthorized visitors entrance to a well-guarded home or business, you must first get the owner’s consent. Everyone wants to stay safe and protected, and since it is gaining so much popularity, everyone wants to utilize this security system. This is a technique for safeguarding the safety of the homeowner and their staff from thieves and criminals. The renter may quickly accept or reject visits with this wireless video intercom, and the system will automatically record events for future reference. One of the easiest and clearest systems to use is this one.

  • Key fobs are not required.

Every door needs a key. We cannot enter if you do not have a matching key that fits your door. It is a reality that keys and key fobs are still used to gain access to your homes, businesses, and establishments nowadays. Due to their frequent use, they sometimes break, lose, or break their keys. It is very dangerous if others have access to your keys and key fobs once you lose them. In addition, making keys and key fobs is very expensive, so it is an additional cost for the resident as well as the company if it is misplaced and lost. Don’t you worry because the new intercom system with door release does not require the owner and the company to use keys and key fobs. It is a worry-free world if others will also consider the new system to continually protect you and your company.

  • Enhancing resident satisfaction

Many renters want to find a safe, peaceful, convenient, and protected home to live in. Due to increasing criminality and theft, some of the tenants are hesitant to live in a place where they will put their lives, as well as the lives of their families, in danger. In choosing a place to live in, tenants also want to know what the amenities of this establishment have to offer. They’d also like to know what benefits they’ll be receiving, and they might be able to share their experience and eventually assist in inviting renters. offer to invite renters. This is why apartment owners are continuously upgrading their security systems.


With the help of our modern technology, Swiftlane managed to produce or make a wireless intercom with door release, which will help us ensure that our homes and companies are safe and protected. With the use of this device, you can get a lot of benefits, and three of them are: management of visitors, key fobs are not necessary, and enhancement of resident satisfaction. With these benefits, you can easily experience a worry-free and safe environment.

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