Venue Selection: 9 Essential Factors

A great event comes with great planning. Even if it’s a corporate event, wedding, family gathering, or special occasion, you want it to be perfect. But it takes so much effort to prepare for these things, from the bigger to smaller things. Specifically, the perfect location or venue where you should hold the event. 

This is one of the biggest factors in deciding on other aspects of an event. Things like the number of people and the nature of the event are just some things to be considered. It will be beneficial to start finding a location as soon as possible. Ask for referrals or contact location experts to find the best one.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Venue

A perfect location or venue can dictate everything your event needs. So getting to the decision to rent a venue is crucial. Here are essential factors to consider in picking a location for your event.

1. Event Budget

Your event budget is one of the great factors to consider in finding a location. There should be great financial planning as you still want to consider other expenses. You should manage the food, supplies, decorations expenses, and other services like entertainment and staff. That is why it’s important to research according to your budget and fulfill your event’s purpose. 

Each event has different needs when it comes to venues. Weddings mostly require a bigger portion of the budget, unlike corporate meetings or events. A 25% cut on the budget for a venue is advisable for most of the common events. You may also get discounts for early reservations or inquire about prices on different dates.

2. A Reasonable Location

Location is very important in finding a venue that would be perfect for an event. Consider a reasonable location for all the attendees. You should consider the transportation, traffic, and route if your attendees come from different towns, cities, or provinces. 

Location hire experts and teams can get accessible and desirable locations for your event. Generally, you can also prepare driving directions and shuttle routes for the attendees. 

3. Amenities and Layout

Another thing to consider is the amenities offered at the venue. Plan if you will need a hall, kitchen amenities, and crews. Check if they have enough tables, linens, chairs, and audio-visual systems that you can use.

It would help if you planned for the layout and arrangement of seats. A floor plan or seating arrangement can help you and the venue organizer picture the event.

4. Predicted Weather

Some aspects of the event should be adjusted to the weather, especially if it’s an outdoor event like a garden wedding. You don’t want to burden or ruin the event and attendees’ experience. This may also apply to the routes that attendees will be driving in case of rain or typhoons.

5. Ambiance and Mood

Set up the mood and a great atmosphere for your special event. A theme that matches your event’s purpose must be considered in picking your venue. You will need decorations that will match the venue or hall.

6. Capacity and Minimums

Renting a venue should also be based on the number of your attendees. You would want your attendees to feel comfortable. The venue should accommodate several guests, including the physical size and traffic flow within the area.

7. Parking and Accessibility

Most attendees will have to settle their cars or rented shuttles without additional costs. A great venue should have parking arrangements that are accessible and secured. If there are no available parking spaces, you can suggest attendees try shared-ride services or rent nearby parking spaces for the guests’ vehicles.

8. Contract and Insurance

You should get an official contract with terms and conditions that both parties agreed with. This should also discuss the flexibility to date or insurance options that are available for your end. There are some chances of cancellations and changes of plans due to unexpected reasons like a pandemic. Consider discussing uncertainties before the contract. 

9. Additional Services

Entertainment, food services, and catering are just some of the services you might need help with. Most venues offer additional services to ease some of the things you need for the event. Some also provide free wifi connections and other technologies like screen projectors and light systems.


There are many important factors to consider when picking an event location. This needs a lot of consideration and discussion. Picking the venue should be taken care of right after setting a date. But the most significant aspect here is the experience. Make your attendees feel good and make the event memorable.

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