How Is the Value of PMP Certification

At present, the total number of people registering PMP reaches 607,128 (In China, there are more than 100,000 PMP certification holders). Many domestic software outsourcing enterprises require their employees to be equipped with PMP certification.

But I feel that the value of PMP is decreasing. Why? Because there are so many PMP certification training institutions 90% of whose members can pass the PMP exam. The high PMP pass rate means that people just working for one or two years can also pass the exam, thus diminishing its value.

However, if you want to work in software industry and in the large-scale enterprise with stable procedures all aspects. It is recommended to take the test and have the certification. This is my personal opinion. In fact, the certificate itself does not matter. The key is that you can learn to do things in a scientific and systematic way.

  1. Acquiring PMP certificate represents that you become a professional in the field of project management and you will be highly valued within many industries. You will get more opportunities as well as increase in salary.
  2. PMP certification is attached great importance to by many foreign enterprises and domestic small and medium-sized enterprises like Huawei, PetroChina, and China National Offshore Oil. These big corporations all train their employees. Furthermore, PMP certification has no limits. It can be applied to almost all industries, particularly the project enterprises like IT.
  3. PMP certification contributes to salary increase and job hopping. For personnel who did not engage in project management, this is a step stone for them. For the project management personnel, they can sort out their previous knowledge and make improvements. What we need to put more focus on is we should build up the structure of project management by learning PMP exam questions. Enhancing competence is the ultimate purpose of every effort.

In short, PMP certification is just a tool and an approach. It cannot solve every problem. Promoting personal abilities is the essential.

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