Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall: Heb Ground Beef, Ground Meat, and Ground Beef Recall Texas 2022 – Read Latest Updates!

The article Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall explains the Tyson products recall process and provides a list of products that were recalled in the Texas region.

Are you a great fan of Tyson ground beef? Did your refrigerator get stocked up with the HEB beef from Tyson?

Then it’s time to check the product name and its expiration dates. Due to contamination, Tyson recalls contaminated products from Texas, United States. Thus, this article Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall is exclusively about those recalling products.

What is the reason for the recall of Tyson products?

Tyson is a well-known beef brand, and its products, which are manufactured in the Amarillo facility, are suspected of containing trace amounts of mirror-like reflecting substances.

But only the specific Hill Country Fare (HCF) and H-E-B ground beef products seemed to be contaminated by some foreign material.

And the USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture, made these contamination announcements.

Following the announcement, the Tyson company has decided to recall about 94,000 pounds of those particular HCF and HEB products.

Heb Ground Beef Recall 2022

Tyson Ground beef recall news is trending on the internet, and people are getting panic about their products. Still, Tyson has clearly explained the product list and its selling areas to avoid all the tensions.

The following product specifications of the recalled products are:

  • 10-pound tubes of HCF beef with lean and fat percentages of 73 and 27%, respectively,
  • 5-pound tubes of HCF beef with lean and fat percentages of 73 and 27%, respectively.
  • 5-pound tubes of HEB beef with lean and fat percentages of 80 and 20%, respectively.

For all these products, the best-before date was November 25, 2022.

So, the below-mentioned products’ images are displayed for further reference.

Heb Ground Meat Recall

Nearly 42637 kg of beef products in the Texas region have been recalled. If we consume contaminated products containing forging materials, our health will suffer.

However, no one has been harmed as a result of eating Tyson beef products; there are no official medical symptoms that the public has claimed. It shows that the USDA and Tyson teams speed up the process and saved the people.

And people are advised to check the details before purchasing Tyson HCF and HEB products.

Ground Beef Recall Texas 2022  

The particular HCF and HEB product has reached stores such as Central Market, Mi Tienda, Joe V’s, and H-E-B stores, and all of the specific contaminated products have been removed from all of these stores. All these stores are in Texas, henceforth the Texas people must stay vigilant.

If by chance, common people have brought the product, they should return their product. And get their refunds.

The Tyson Company has also released its customer relations number to clear up any doubts regarding the recall of products. 855-432-4438, 800-643-3410.


The Tyson Company has admitted its mistake and made every effort to recall its products, which is an admirable move, and we hope the company will learn from its mistake.

Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall: FAQ

  1. What are the recalled Tyson Ground beef products?

The HCF and HEB beef products were recalled.

  1. What do we have to do if we buy that contaminated product?

Customers can return their products and get refunds.

  1. What was contaminated in the beef?

The exact material has not been revealed but appears to be a small mirror-like reflecting material.

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