The Positive Effects of Drinking Alcohol

The Positive Effects of Drinking Alcohol: As we all know, Coffee is one of the top beverages with the highest consumption worldwide. But up in the ranks are alcoholic drinks too that are consumed to celebrate special occasions and to toast milestone events in people’s lives. Even having dinners with co-workers or ending a long and stressful day wouldn’t be complete without a single drop of alcohol.

But for a long time now, we have been receiving mixed messages about alcohol. While some think it is good, others say it is bad for your health. However, the latter only happens when you have been drinking too much. Colorful cocktails, pink alcoholic drinks, and others may be pretty and addictive to look at but should be in moderation. Here are the top reasons why people drink and the various benefits of drinking alcohol.

Why Do People Drink? 

With so many beverages available, why do people choose to consume alcohol? 

To relieve stress

People have different ways of dealing with stress. From meditating and trying yoga to watching funny clips and writing in their journals, they do all kinds of things to help restore calmness to their complicated lives. On the other hand, some resort to drinking because it is a better way of alleviating all negative feelings, stress, anxiety, and other extreme emotions. Through drinking, these feelings are temporarily removed, and they can be stress-free for a while.  

The environment they live in

Another reason why people drink could be attributed to the environment they were in growing up and currently living in as well. People who grew up surrounded by alcoholic adults have a higher chance of becoming the same when they grow up. The same can be for individuals who may not be alcoholics, but view alcohol consumption as normal, so they enjoy drinking too. 

Alcoholic drinks are accessible

Whether you go to the supermarket or the nearest convenience store, these drinks will be lined up perfectly in the product stands. You can buy a couple for yourself upon reaching the right age, but it’s also common to have some bottles around the house where adults love to drink – whether there’s an occasion or none. This makes the said beverage widely available, and you can consume it whenever, wherever you like. 

Social norms

Defined as rules of behavior accepted by a group or within a community, social norms are also considered one of the many reasons people drink. For instance, in many western and Asian societies, alcohol is purchased and available for specific events and special occasions – Friday night after work, birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. Hence, it is expected that alcohol will be present and available for consumption. 

Because it is fun and makes them feel happy and relaxed

One simple reason is that they see drinking as fun and makes them feel happy, especially when drinking with family and friends. When out and about at parties, weekend barbecues, and more, drinking helps in enhancing their experience. Alcohol can also help you feel more relaxed before you give that big speech on stage.  

What are the Benefits of Drinking Alcohol? 

You may not believe it, but alcohol offers positive effects on people’s health, especially when consumed moderately. 

1. Good for heart health

One of the leading causes of death today is heart disease, particularly heart attacks and strokes. Heavy drinkers have a higher likelihood of increased heart disease risks compared to light to moderate drinkers. Alcohol helps in lowering the blood concentration of the substance called fibrinogen, to prevent blood clotting cells from clumping together, decreases blood pressure, improves HDL or good cholesterol levels, and many more.

2. Alcohol helps reduce the chances of diabetes

Like heart diseases, diabetes is among the leading causes of death globally. Did you know that around 10% of the world’s adult population suffers from this chronic health condition? The number may rise in the future, but can be thwarted through consuming alcohol. People with type 2 diabetes have insulin resistance, a phenomenon where the cells ineffectively uptake blood sugar or glucose. But moderate drinking can help in reducing the body’s resistance to insulin. 

3. Helps in preventing the formation of gallstones

Hard and pebble-like, gallstones develop in the body’s gallbladder and can cause indescribable pain when it begins blocking your bile ducts. Leave it untreated, and it can cause health complications. People are advised to drink some grams of alcohol a day, to help lower the risk of stone formation. Consuming alcohol in moderation and not in excess can help promote better bile health and reduce the chances of gallstones from fully forming. 

4. Reduce stress by drinking

Two units of alcoholic drinks per day are not so bad when it can help lower the stress or anxiety you’re feeling. Regardless if it’s related to work or your personal life, it will be good to relieve your stress as soon as possible. Leave it too long, and it could lead to feelings of depression, making it harder to deal. However, remember that too much of something is not good, so it is also ideal to try other things instead of regularly consuming alcohol. 

5. Benefit from the nutrients 

While some alcoholic drinks offer empty calories, others like wine and beer have a few nutritional benefits that are good for the body. Wines have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects as well as benefit the heart amongst other things. Of course, alcoholic drinks should only be added and never replace a well-balanced diet as the latter’s still necessary to get all the nutrients your body needs. 

Key Takeaway

Alcohol has positive effects on your health when consumed in moderation, but abusing it could risk unhealthy well-being. If you are one of the many people who enjoy and do not binge on alcohol, then continue to do so. But if you are one of those who do it excessively, then it is time to take a step back and reevaluate to start maintaining a healthy relationship with alcoholic drinks from now on. For more facts and tips about alcohol consumption, visit

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