The Crazy Cortez Twitter: Is Thecrazycortez Aerovia Twitter Account Fake? Why Is It in The News? Read Facts Here!

In the post below, we have shed light on The Crazy Cortez Twitter, the account owner details, and the recent news on this account.  

Do you know who Alexandria Osasio-Cortez is? Why is she trending over the internet? If you know her, it is not new that Cortez is grabbing people’s attention worldwide, but the reason is unusual this time. Though she always remains in the news due to her work, powerful position, and personality, this time she is not because of all reasons mentioned above.

Currently, she is trending due to her tweet. Since she has made some official statements, people are curious to know why she made such Tweet and what is The Crazy Cortez’s Twitter? We have explained all the details in this post, so read this post till the end.


Disclaimer- All the information in this post is derived from the internet. Thus, we are not responsible for any fake information. However, this post is only for educational purposes.

What is The Crazy Cortez Twitter?

Recently a tweet was made on Twitter in the name of Alexandria Osasio-Cortez about policies. This made chaos among her followers and people, but currently, she issued an official statement. In the official statement, she stated that the tweet was fake and she was trying hard to fix the issue. However, until the issue fix, she asked her followers and people to stay safe and not believe anything mentioned on Twitter.

What is Thecrazycortez Twitter?

The crazy Cortez is her fake account of Alexandria Osasio-Cortez, which is getting popular over the internet and Twitter. This fake account has many Tweets and statements on some serious issues, which raise Alexandria’s concern.

The account’s statement seems real, as it has thousands of likes and repostings. However, the account’s visibility also increases on the internet because people are desperately looking for this fake account on Twitter, and the account’s interaction with Elon Musk has risen visibility of this account. For further information on The Crazy Cortez Aerovia, you can check out the social media links below.

Social Media Links-



The Crazy Cortez is a fake Twitter account of Alexandria Osasio-Cortez, issuing serious tweets on various matters. But soon, this matter was noticed by Alexandria Osasio-Cortez, and she issued a statement that doesn’t believe in these Tweets or any others until this issue was solved. 

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The Crazy Cortez Twitter– FAQs

Q1. Who is Alexandria Osasio-Cortez? 

Ans. Alexandria Osasio-Cortez is an American activist and politician. 

Q2. Is she represent Congress Party?  

Ans. No, she represents Democratic Party. 

Q3. Is Crazy Cortez a fake account?

Ans. Yes, this is a fake. However, there is also a real account with the same username, so it is hard to differentiate the fake and real accounts.

Q4. Since when is Alexandria Osasio-Cortez representing a congressional district in the United States House of Representatives? 

Ans. She has been representing the congressional district in the United States House of Representatives since January 3, 2019.

Q5. Does this fake account have a blue tick?

Ans. No, the fake account has a grey tick, not a blue tick. 

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