Takeoff Funeral Ticket: What Is Takeoff Funeral Service, Who Is Takeoff Murder Suspect, And Also Check Its Ticket Details On Ticketmaster

Read this post on Takeoff Funeral Ticket. This post will provide you with all the crucial details about the funeral of the late rapper Takeoff.

Are you aware of Takeoff’s death? Do you know about his funeral? If not, then you landed at the correct post. Many Takeoff fans from the United States are emotional due to the sudden death of the rapper and are curious to join his funeral. So we have great news for you all. You can attend Takeoff’s funeral by securing tickets. 

In this post, readers will know all details about Takeoff Funeral Ticket.

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Takeoff cause of death and funeral ticket 

Takeoff’s cause of death has always been public as he was shot in front of a bowling downtown alley. The incident happened on 1 November 2022 and Takeoff died at that moment. On 1 November takeoff was at a private party with his cousin offset and uncle Quavo. The three group mates attended the party with around 40-50 other guests.

The public can also attend  last rites of the late rapper takeoff. The citizens of Georgia can grab the tickets for free but other people have to purchase the tickets from Ticketmaster. For details read the article ahead.

Takeoff Funeral Service and Obituary

The funeral service of takeoff is scheduled on 11 November 2022. The services will occur at State farm Arena at noon 12 PM on Friday. The public can also join the funeral and for the public, the doors will open at 11 Am. You can book your tickets through Ticketmaster. Each person can secure two tickets. The resident of Georgia has got the privilege of getting free tickets. 

Fans can collect the tickets from the Ticketmaster website and can attend the funeral on 11 November. The funeral will happen in Atlanta’s State Arena Farm downtown at GA 30303, 1 Dr. State Farm, Atlanta. The Takeoff Funeral Ticket master link is provided ahead of in this article.

Takeoff wiki

Family, friends, and fans of Takeoff have not recovered from the massive loss of the popular rapper. Takeoff’s fans are waiting for more information about him so in the below table, we have mentioned some details about Takeoff:

Full Name Kirshnik Khari Ball
Age 28
Date of birth 18 June 1994
Date of death 1 November 2022
Cause of death Gunshot 
Profession  Songwriter


Marital Status  Unmarried 
Affairs N/A
Children  N/A
Nationality  American 
Height  175 Cm
Weight  65 Kg
Hair Color  Black
Eye Color Dark Brown 

Takeoff Murder Suspect

There is no information about Takeoff’s murder suspect. Any information about the suspect is not released yet. The rapper was shot dead on 1 November. He was at a private party with Quavo and offset. Takeoff was profoundly dead at the moment.

The party at Bowling and Billiards 810 ended. Several people were gathered outside the front door. The shooting happened after the party was over. Along with Takeoff, one man 23 years old, and a woman 24 years old was also shot but they didn’t get major injuries. 

Takeoff Murder Suspect

Takeoff Funeral Ticket: More information

Funeral tickets for takeoff are available for everyone. The tickets are available on Ticketmaster. We will mention the link to Ticketmaster in the upcoming section. The ticket was available at 2 pm on 8 November, Tuesday. 

Social media links

Takeoff’s friends and fans gave condolences to his family through social media. His comments sections are filled with condolences. Offset death news is trending in the world. His death was truly unexpected. 

In a nutshell

This post will give you details on the death of Takeoff.

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Takeoff Funeral Ticket: FAQS

Q1. When did Takeoff die?

Takeoff lost his life on 1 November 2022.

Q2. How did Takeoff pass away?

Takeoff was shot dead at a private party on 1 November 2022.

Q3. Who Killed Takeoff?

The takeoff murderer is not arrested yet. There is no information about the murderer and suspect of his murder. 

Q4. Is Takeoff’s obituary released?

Yes, Takeoff’s obituary is released. The funeral service will happen on 11 November 2022.

Q5. Who are the parents of Takeoff?

Takeoff’s father’s name is Mr. Ball and his mother is Titania Davenport. However, Takeoff was grown up by Edna Marshall, Quavo’s mother.

Q6. Where is Takeoff Funeral Ticket available?

You can book the funeral ticket for Takeoff from Ticketmaster. The ticket was available on 8 November at 2 Pm.

Q7. Was Takeoff a part of any group?

Yes, Takeoff was a member of the group “Migos”. The other members include offset and Quavo, his cousin and uncle.

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