How to Hang String Lights on a Covered Patio Without Nails

If you are just through with setting a new cover on your patio, you should be considering adding outdoor led lighting to your environment. However, it can be difficult to do this if you don’t have the right resources or technique. Here are ways you can hang these outdoor string lights without nails for the best results.

1. Leverage the Use of Pillars

Pillars that hold your patio cover are great for lighting. They make it perfect for attracting the attention of your guests. The one with hollow-carved design is a resource for setting up your outdoor led string lights. Hanging the lights casually through the hollows along the carvings and ting a knot on the pillar with the rest strand, which complements the ambiance and light quality produced. That would be okay if you don’t have the carvings. Just make sure that your lights won’t fall down when wrapping the lights tightly around the pillars with one more circle. 

2. Zip Ties

Aside from being useful for wrapping items, zip ties can also be perfect for setting up lights on your patio. It’s easy to customize the fit of the zip ties to suit the specific surface or platform you want to set up the fairy lights. You should settle for outdoor-rated zip types because these provide longevity and ease of customization benefits. In addition, choose the ones with UV Stabilized Nylon types so that your lights won’t break the zip ties because of their heavy weight.

3. Try Outdoor Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are common among people who want to hang led fairy lights outdoors. There are various reasons for the popularity of adhesive hooks. One is that they provide an easy and convenient way of setting lights on your preferred surface.

They are also affordable and easy to replace when trying lighting setups. Remember to pick adhesive hooks with excellent adhesiveness.

4. Consider Alumahooks

Another unsung hero when it comes to setting up lights would be alumahooks. They are perfect because of their ease of use and durability benefits for your needs. Alumahooks are made using special types of wood that provide longevity and convenience benefits.

They also have a special styling that makes them perfect for complementing the quality of your indoor space. It’s also easy to install the hooks around wood; you don’t need to get nails to complete the process.

These hooks are also available in various styling designs, and you can have your service provider create custom ones. One way to complement the appeal of these hooks is to set them up alongside some high-quality lights. Go for the types that have different colors, or blend them with ones on your outdoor setup.           

You can use various techniques to hang led fairy lights outdoor on your patio. The best method depends on your preferences and the specific result you want to achieve. Consider the methods above as suggestions to get you thinking in the right direction when setting up lights. Remember to go for high-end lights like those from the Ollny brand for the best results.

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