Stratx It Solutions Scam: Check All Details and Reviews for It Solutions Here Now!

In this article, you will learn the reality of the Stratx It Solutions Scam rumour spreading on the internet, whether legit or not.

Do you want more from the service of Stratx IT Solutions company? Do you think Anatomy IT is the biggest scam company in Medical Healthcare Technology? People have various opinions about the famous Healthcare IT company Anatomy IT. 

Most people invest in Healthcare insurance and learn the benefits and perks of the IT industry in Healthcare facilities. Recently a trivia of a scam alert for the company Anatomy IT is shaking the trust of the United States citizen. Therefore let’s expose whether Stratx It Solutions Scam or Trusted.


Scam Alert 

Stratx It Solutions.LLC, also known as Anatomy IT company, provides health advice and support to multiple Healthcare facilities. The company is a well-established, trusted platform with thousands of employees dedicated to work and providing essential support to their clients. 

However, the service is sometimes different. Sometimes, due to the lack of communication, only some people may get disappointed by their service. As a result, they share their opinion about the company with negative feedback, and other people believe that they are a fraud company. In fact, the reality is different. Anatomy It is not a scam; they provide excellent assistance to their clients and customers.

Stratx It Solutions Reviews

The Stratx It Solutions customers and clients share opinions on multiple review platforms and trusted domains. You can find reviews about the company on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., that contain positive and negative reviews of the company. As per the overall record available on the internet, Stratx IT Solutions got an efficient review rating of 3.5 to 4.

The majority of people are satisfied with the service and the company’s members as their assistance helped customers in various ways. Some Negative feedback and reviews about the company regard the miscommunication between the admins and the employees of the company.

Factors Pointing to the Stratx It Solutions Scam

There are no factors that can stand to say the company is a scam. However, some people are not satisfied with the service, but we cannot judge the company as a scam on behalf of their review. Additionally, a few reports state that they invested in the company to improve medical facilities, but it didn’t get the optimum outcome.

History and Current Status of Stratx It Solutions

It is an IT company that performs services Consulting and provides essential support in the IT industry to healthcare facilities. The company was founded in 1986, and its headquarters is in White Plains, New York. The Stratx It Solutions online website is, where you can contact the team’s employees to get their services. You can also check out Stratx It Solutions Reviews to get more information about the service and work of the company.

Specification of Stratx It Solutions

  • The company has a good trust score of 82%, making it more reliable and trustworthy.
  • Despite the company being established in 1986, it became a part of an E-commerce website in the last 2 years and 3 months. Previously they were working as an offline Healthcare facilities and consulting company, but recently, they have been connected to people globally through their online domain.
  • You can reach the company’s representative by calling on the number provided in the Contact Us section. 
  • You can easily register on their domain by filling out a simple form with your basic personal information.

People’s opinion on the Stratx It Solutions Scam?

There is no sign of a scam with this company, but people are frightened by the negative feedback and reviews on some trusted domains. You can contact the company’s employees to understand their service. They are a Consulting team who benefits you in the field of Healthcare and other aspects.

Additionally, the website has been established for multiple years, so the customers wouldn’t have posted any reviews if it were a scam. In contrast, the scam website needs to stand a chance for a long time over an E-Commerce platform as people report such a website, and it quickly terminates.

Stratx It Solutions Scam: Social Media Links



Final Verdict 

People need clarification on the pessimistic reviews of customers about the Stratx It Solutions company. People believe that the company is a scam and does not provide value to the customer. However, the reality is the opposite, as it is a well-established company that has been working for over 2 years.

Have you ever consulted the Advisors of Stratx It Solutions? Comment below.

Stratx It Solutions Scam: FAQs

Q1 Who is the founder of Stratx It Solutions?

Information about the founder of the company is unavailable.

Q2 What is the average number of employees working in the company?

The company has an employee count of 51 to 200.

Q3 Is there any fake replica of Stratx It Solutions?

There are multiple fake replicas of the Stratx, so we must change the original name. Additionally, other fake companies scam people using the name of a verified company.

Q4 Who is the current HR of Stratx It Solutions? 

Jason Smith is the present HR of the company.

Q5 Is Stratx It Solutions Scam

Considering the customer reviews and working of the company, it is false to say that the company is a scam. 

Q6 What do StratxIt Solutions obtain the verified certificates? 

It has multiple certifications like IMC 5000, AICPA, Forbes etc.

Q7 Why did Stratx It Solutions change its name to Anatomy IT?

Stratx decided to change its name because there are multiple other fake domains with similar names, decreasing the capital value of the real company.

Q8 What is the average routing of the company on LinkedIn?

The company is rated 3.5 stars out of 5 on LinkedIn.

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