Sophia Rosing Instagram Kentucky: Explore Details Of Her Parents, Wiki, Biography, Age, And Net Worth, And Also Find More Details On Her Social Media Page

This post on Sophia Rosing Instagram Kentucky will explain all the personal life details of Sophia Rosing.

Have you heard of Sophia Rosing? A university student named Sophia Rosing is accused of bullying and called racial slurs to a black student. People from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia constantly discuss this incident. In this post, we will explain all details related to Sophia Rosing Instagram Kentucky so please keep reading.

Sophia Rosing Cause of Death, How did she die?

Many people wonder if Sophia is alive, so yes, she is very much alive and well. Sophia Rosing is a student at the University of Kentucky. On November 6, 2022, she was accused of calling racial slurs to a university worker. It was recorded on camera how she threw her hands at the black worker and kept calling her racial slurs. 

One night Sophia got drunk and kept pronouncing racial slurs and calling out black people. Read more about Sophia Rosing’s Wiki. After that she went to the elevator where she saw Kayla Spring, a black university student; then she kept calling her different names. The university student did not allow Sophia to enter the elevator as she was not the student there. After that, Sophia started throwing her hands at Kayla. A black man later arrested her. She kept saying these racial slurs to him too.

Sophia’s parents

Sophia Rosing Obituary, Passed Away, and Funeral:

Sophia Rosing is not dead, so she did not have a funeral or an obituary. Recently, her Parents were witnessed at court to defend their daughter. After the trial, Sophia pleaded not guilty to the court and was set at a bond of $10000. Sophia was arrested on Sunday with charges of public intoxication, assault on a police officer and the worker, and disorderly conduct. Lately, she has been suspended from her University. She was witnessed punching Kayla in the stomach and kicking her multiple times. She also said some mean and racist things to Kayla. 

Sophia’s company on her behavior

Sophia Rosing Social Media Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit:

Social media has been blowing up with posts related to Sophia Rosing. People are against her and do not support her acts. However, it was strange to see that her friends tried to defend her by posting that she had a cerebral illness. The University of Kentucky has also passed a notice suspending Sophia. They also said that everything Sophia did is unforgivable, and the University does not support this. Besides this, Sophia also posted an apology on her Instagram account, saying she was just angry and didn’t mean to harm anyone.

The following are the social media accounts of Sophia Rosing:

Sophia’s apology on Instagram

Sophia Rosing Biography

Real name Sophia Rosing
Nickname Unknown
Profession  University student and influencer
Date of birth 2000
Children  None
Zodiac sign  Unknown 
Birthplace  United States
Nationality American
Marital status Unmarried 
Charges  Assault and disorderly conduct
Mother’s name Jill Rosing
Father’s name Donald Rosing

Sophia Rosing Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion:

Sophia Rosing is an American who was born in the United States of America. Besides this, there are no details about Sophia’s religion.

Sophia Rosing Net Worth:

Sophia Rosing’s net worth has not been discovered yet. However, Sophia worked as an influencer in a company. 


To summarize this post, we can conclude that Sophia is not a victim and that whatever she does is unforgivable. Besides this, we hope that Sophia learns a lesson and stops bullying people based on race. Please visit this page to learn more about Sophia

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Sophia Rosing Instagram Kentucky – FAQs

Q.1 Who is Sophia Rosing?

Sophia Rosing is a student at the University of Kentucky.

Q.2 What has Sophia Rosing done?

Sophia bullied a black student on November 6 and called her different names.

Q.3 Was Sophia Rosing arrested?

Yes, Sofia was arrested for various charges, like the assault of a police officer and a student.

Q.4 What was the court’s decision on Sofia’s case?

The court pleaded with Sofia, “Not Guilty,” as she was drunk. 

Q.5 How much fine has the court decided on Sofia’s case?

The court has decided on a bond of $10000

Q.6 What are Sofia’s friends saying about her case?

Sofia’s friends are constantly supporting her and saying that whatever happened was not her fault. 

Q.7 Is Sofia suspended from the University?

Yes, at the Age of 22, Sofia was suspended by the University of Kentucky

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