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Are you aware of the Bahsid McLean case? Do you know about his mother? Sid McLean Picture is trending nowadays as the Bahsid McLean case has come to the limelight in recent days. People Worldwide are now aware of this horrific case. A new name Sid McLean has popped up with the Bahsid McLean case. Let’s dig into the details to know the link between Sid McLean and Bahsid McLean. 

Who is Sid McLean?

After the controversies on the Bahsid McLean case, a new name Sid McLean has popped up. Bahsid McLean was a 23-year-old boy who killed his mother and dismembered her body into pieces. The murder took place in 2013. As per our research, there is no information about Sid McLean Mom. Sid McLean has no link with Bahsid McLean as there is no information about him. 

Bahsid McLean’s mom was Tanya Byrd who was allegedly killed by him in 2013. Bahsid McLean was a married man. As per sources, he had a son also who was later killed by his wife. Currently, we couldn’t find any link between Bahsid McLean and Sid McLean. Some of the family members of Bahsid are known but none of them is Sid McLean. Bahsid has a brother also but his name is unknown. Bahsid McLean is serving 25 years in prison for killing his mom and cutting her body into pieces.

Bahsid McLean Gore

Bahsid McLean killed his mother in 2013. After killing his mother, he dismembered her body into pieces with the help of his friend William Morris. Bahsid revealed in his trial that he couldn’t stop him from dismembering his mother’s body. As per sources,  he also stated that if you can kill someone you must have the courage to cut their body into pieces, if you can’t do that then you are a coward. 

He took a selfie of his mother’s decapitated head in his hand that went viral on social media recently. People are finding the viral selfie but now it is removed from all the sources. Information regarding Sid McLean Picture is still a mystery.

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Bahsid McLean family

Bahsid McLean was married when he killed his mother. He was 23 years old and was married to Vera McLean. Vera later changed her name to Zarah Coombs. The couple had a son together, Zamair McLean. As per sources, when Zamair was 4 years old, Zarah killed him with a broomstick. His fault was that he couldn’t hold an egg and she hit her son to death. Zarah Coombs was later arrested.

McLean’s mother was Tanya Byrd and his father was James McLean as per the online sources. His aunt was McLean-Smith, who stated that his nephew was not good. We couldn’t find Sid McLean Picture and cannot confirm whether he is his family member or Bahsid himself. As per some sources, Bahsid McLean has a brother and a sister. 

Disclaimer: The post does not involve any sensitive picture related to Bahsid McLean’s viral photo. The information about Bahsid is taken from various online websites.

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In a nutshell 

Wrapping up this post here, the post has explained all the latest updates on viral Bahsid McLean’s case. The details about Sid McLean are currently unknown but we will soon update you with all the details about Sid McLean Picture. Bahsid McLean had killed his mother and three years later his wife hit their four-year-old son to death. You can visit this post to learn more about Bahsid McLean.

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