{Update} Shah Hareem TikTok: Who Is He? How Does He Known? Where Is He From? Know The Details of Now!

The article gives information on the Shah Hareem TikTok leaked video and facts about the allegations and controversy.

Do you know about the leaked video of Hareem Shah on the internet? Recently, the famous personality of Pakistan became the victim of a scandal video and now trending in different countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates

If you want to know the whole story behind the Shah Hareem TikTok video leak and the person behind it, read the article until the end.

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What happens in the video?

The leaked video of Hareem Shah is trending on the internet, and the reason is because of the explicit and mature content. In the video, Hareem is taking a bath, and someone is recording the whole thing on the phone. 

Who Is Hareem Shah?

After the video got viral, everyone started looking for Hareem’s information. Hareem is a famous social media influencer in Pakistan and likes to be in the limelight. She likes to gain the audience’s attention, so she’s involved in many controversies, like making videos on unpacking liquor and now the naked bath video.

Her husband, Bilal Shah, also supports her in the video, and he has to face the consequences. 

Hareem Shah arrested

Where Is Hareem Shah arrested? – Hareem Shah and her husband got arrested in Turkey because of the gold and currency smuggling case. Before Turkey, the couple got an order from the high court to be present in front of the Federal Investigation Agency because of the connection with money laundering. 

Hareem likes to make controversies, and sometimes it backfires on her. 

Who leaked the videos?

According to Hareem’s statement, her close friend leaked the video on the internet. Hareem made a video on TikTok stating that her friend said she would leak the video and other things. 

Everyone is looking for the names Who Hareem Shah blamed, and here they are. As per Hareem’s accusation, the people who leaked the video are Sundal Khattak and Ayesha Naz. Hareem confirmed that the videos are shot from her mobile, and there’s no third version involved. 

About Hareem Shah

Born name-  Fiza Hussain
Education qualification- Masters of Philosophy 
College/university- University of Peshawar
Marital Status- Married
Profession- Social media influencer
Husband- Bilal Shah
Parents name- Unknown

Hareem’s reaction to the leaked video

Hareem and her husband filed a complaint regarding the leak. However, people are wondering Where Is Hareem Shah right now after the leaked video. She’s in Pakistan as she wants to make sure the culprit gets caught.

However, the FIA didn’t take the matter seriously and said they would take action once the content was made public. Although her husband is supporting her in the fight and stands with her to take the legal action.


Hareem Shah’s case has gained unwanted attention, but many things must be disclosed. Check here for more information. 

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Shah Hareem TikTok– FAQs

1: Who is the username of Hareem’s TikTok id?

A: @hareemshah387.

2: When did the incident happen?

A: The video got leaked a year ago.

3: Where is the video shot?

A: Hareem said the video was shot at an Istanbul hotel. 

4: How Does Hareem Shah get famous?

A: She got famous through her TikTok videos.

5: Did the police take any action?

A: No information is mentioned on the internet.

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