Sandoval Tom Instagram: Check The Reason for Break Up From Twitter, And Reddit, Also Explore Details On His Wife, And Age

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about the breakup between Tom and Madix in this article about Sandoval Tom Instagram.

Did you hear the news of the breakup between Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix? Within a day of their breakup, the word spread among Vanderpump Rules (VPR) fans, a BravoTV series in the United States and Canada

What was the reason for their breakup? What was the reaction of Tom and Madix? Why is the news about Madix’s breakup trending? Let’s check about personal and professional life, timeline, and breakup facts of Sandoval Tom Instagram.

About Thomas Sandoval:

Famous as Tom, he has 957K+ followers on Instagram, 3.04K followers on YouTube, 74K subscribers on Facebook, and 305.7K+ subscribers on Twitter. 

Reason for breakup:

Ariana Madix and Tom have been together since 2014 after Tom broke up with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute in 2012. Madix and Tom were in a relationship and bought a house worth $2.075 million. 

But, after his Break Up, pictures circulated on the internet showing Tom packing his luggage and leaving Madix’s house in his friend’s car. It is said that Madix had kicked him out of her LA house on Friday, 3rd-March-2023.

It was on Wednesday, 1st-March-2023 when Tom was performing on stage; Madix accessed his cell phone and discovered a multimedia message sent by Raquel Leviss. The video contained explicit content about the relationship between Tom and Leviss! Twitter pages did not included the footage. It was one of the strings of long private conversations between Tom and Leviss.

With the message, it was clear to Madix that Tom had a physical relationship with Leviss, and the long conversation indicated that they had been in a relationship for a long time. Both the media stars left the show immediately. An insider said that Tom and Leviss had been in a relationship since the summer-2022!

Reason for breakup news going viral on Reddit:

Several cast members of the VPR TV series took the news about their breakup to social media. A few cast members had planned a gathering to film their thoughts and reactions; and to express their support for Madix, who was heartbroken and blindsided due to Tom cheating on her!

James Kennedy, Leviss’ ex-fiancee, and Lala Kent called for boycotting Tom’s show. Kristen Doute supported Madix by tagging herself as – Team Ariana. Tom does not has a Wife as he is unmarried. Jax Taylor also slammed Tom and commented – on how much more pump is required for the #pumprules.

Social media links:


Due to Tom’s influential presence, a Reddit mega threat  was created on 4th-March-2023 to exclusively discuss breakup of Tom, Age 39. With VPR cast members standing against Tom and considering the situation of Madix, the followers, fans, and subscribers of several VPR case members searched and shared the news about their breakup, making it viral on social media. 

Tom and Ariana MEGATHREAD
byu/vprmods invanderpumprules

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Sandoval Tom Instagram – FAQ

Q1. What was Madix’s reaction?

She surprisingly deleted her social media accounts. Hence, the and pages are not accessible!

Q2. What is the age of Madix?

37-years, 8-months, and 9-days old.

Q3. What is the age of Raquel Leviss?

Miss Sonoma Country is 28-years, 5-months, and 21-days old.

Q4. What was Tom’s reaction about his breakup?

Since his breakup with Madix, he did not include any related posts on Sandoval Tom Instagram (or) social media pages. The latest post on Tom’s social media pages included ads about his shows.

Q5. What is Tom’s age?

Mexican-American Christian – Tom was born on 7th-July-1983. He is 39-years, 7-months, and 26-days old.

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