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Have you heard of Sally McNeil? People from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany are discussing this bodybuilder more as the new release by Netflix is based on Sally’s life. Many people are wondering if Sally is still alive or not. This post will explain all the details related to Sally’s life. So please keep reading this post on Sally Mcneil 2022 Wiki.


Sally McNeil Cause of Death, How did she die?

Many people wonder if Sally is still alive, and the answer to this question is yes. She is still alive and is living in Northern Carolina. Netflix has just released a new series on Sally’s life called Killer Sally. 

Sally McNeil, also known as Killer Sally, was charged with the second-degree murder of her Husband. It was said that Sally killed her husband on Valentine’s day. Sally further explained during her trial that her husband used to assault her physically. She said she was tired of his assault behaviour and tried self-defence.

Sally McNeil Children, Obituary, Passed Away and Funeral:

Sally McNeil is still alive, so she didn’t have any funeral or burial ceremony. However, when she went to jail for her charge of murder, her kids were in great distress. In an interview, Sally’s children explained that their father would always hurt their mother. They also said that Sally didn’t purposely shoot him, but it was self-defence. Sally has served for her murder for around 25 years and was finally released in 2020. 

Sally McNeil’s Twitter, Instagram and Reddit accounts:

Due to Netflix’s release of Killer Sally, People have posted many comments on social media accounts. Many believe that Sally did not get justice as she was jailed for protecting her children and herself from such a man. People are showing their anger on social media and supporting Sally.

Sally McNeil Biography and more:

Real name Sally McNeil
Nickname Killer McNeil
Profession  Professional bodybuilder
Date of Birth 1960
Charges  Second-degree murder of husband
Zodiac sign Unknown 
Age 62 years
Birthplace  United States of America
Nationality  American 
Marital status Married 
Ex-husband name Ray McNeil
Current husband name Unknown 
Children  Two 
Height  Unknown

Sally McNeil Ethnicity, Family, Religion:

Sally was born in America, so she was American. Her religion is yet unknown. Besides this, Sally has a family consisting of her son and daughter.

Sally McNeil Kids:

Sally and Ray have two kids. Currently, Sally is remarried to someone whose identity is not revealed.


To sum up, this post is very sad about what happened to Sally. We hope she is now happy and reunited with her family. Please click on this link to learn more about Sally 

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Sally Mcneil 2022 Wiki – FAQs

Q1. Who is Sally McNeil?

Sally is a former professional bodybuilder.

Q2. What is Sally charged for?

Sally is charged with killing his husband on Valentine’s day.

Q3. Did Sally have kids?

Yes, Sally has two kids.

Q4. Why did Sally kill her husband?

Sally killed her ex-husband because he assaults her very brutally.

Q5. Was Sally’s husband assault towards his kids?

Yes, Sally’s husband used to beat his kids too.

Q6. How many years has Sally spent in jail?

Sally has spent around 25 years in jail.

Q7. Is Sally alive?

Yes, Sally is currently alive and is living with her Kids.

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