Safety and Aesthetic Features to Consider in Stirrups 

Whether you’re a pro, a semi-pro, or a casual horse rider, getting the best safety stirrups is important for everyone. There are so many options from various brands out there because one size fits all phenomenon does not work with safety stirrups. The requirements vary from rider to rider depending on what they prefer in their stirrups.   

In this blog, you can see different things to consider when buying safety stirrups. You may have already seen a lot of types of stirrups on wild west themed films on Spectrum tv service or your cable connection. Before trying to ride a horse, it may be better for you to first go through this blog and get some solid stirrups.  

Factors to Consider 

When you are shopping for safety stirrups, create a checklist based on the factors mentioned in this blog. This practice will help you make the best buying decision which will keep you safe for a long time.  

The following are the factors to consider when choosing safety stirrups:  


Getting the right size of stirrups is crucial for one’s safety and for avoiding injury. If your stirrups are too big, you may have trouble getting a grip. Also, when the stirrups are too small, there is a high chance of your feet getting stuck in them when you try to get off. The size of most people’s feet is different. Therefore, what may be an optimum size for someone you know may not suit you at all.  

In order to get the best size for you, you should wear your riding boots and put your feet inside a stirrup. It is best to have an inch to spare on either side of your foot. Such stirrups will help you quickly get off the horse and maintain balance while riding.  


The weight of the stirrups is another thing to consider before buying. Traditionally, stirrups are made of iron or some alloy which are quite heavy. But today many stirrups are lighter in weight as they are made with plastic or aluminum.  

Heavy stirrups can affect the running speed of a horse. Therefore, many people prefer lighter stirrups over them.  


To get the best grip from your stirrups, your treads have an important role to play. If the treads are not good enough, you will have a hard time maintaining a balance on the horse. Such treads can give you more trouble when your boots are wet. It is always better to get stirrups with treads that offer a firm grip.  

Stirrups with rubber treads offer a nice grip. Other than rubber treads, there are stirrups with treads like that of a cheese grater. Explore your options and see which type gives you a reliable grip while being comfortable.  

Safety Features 

Stirrups often have some type of safety features to help free your foot quickly. For example, if you are falling from a horse, releasing your feet quickly can save you from getting dragged. Often stirrups have a mechanical arm that releases your feet when you apply a certain type of pressure. Such stirrups are called breakaway stirrups. However, this type of stirrup is quite expensive compared to regular ones.  

Other than breakaway stirrups, regular stirrups that are not too tight on your boots offer some level of safety too. So, if you are more comfortable with the usual stirrups with no release mechanism, that won’t be much of a problem either.  

Additional Features 

In addition to safety, you would want your stirrups to make you look great while you are riding the horse, right? The following are the features you can seek from the presentation aspect of your stirrups:  


You may prefer stirrups that look good with your saddle and shoes. So, don’t be shy to explore your favorite colors before making a purchase. The freedom to choose your favorite color may help you get the best stirrups when you are buying them for someone else as a present.  

Build Quality  

Build quality is another thing that everyone should consider in terms of longevity and visual appeal. Stirrups made with high-quality material appear better and may last for a long time.  

Other Details 

Various other details like embossing or debossing on the stirrups may sometimes appeal to buyers. If you have such a taste, custom-made stirrups may be the one for you. Custom stirrups give you plenty of making and design options to choose from.  


In conclusion, safety stirrups are an essential part of horse-riding equipment for riders of all levels. When buying safety stirrups, it is important to consider factors such as size, weight, treads, safety features, color, and build quality. Taking these factors into account will help you choose the best safety stirrups for your needs, ensuring your safety and comfort while riding a horse. With so many options available in the market, it is always advisable to do your research and make an informed decision. So, whether you are watching wild west-themed movies on Spectrum TV Essentials or riding a horse in real life, always remember to prioritize safety and choose the best safety stirrups for a great riding experience.

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