[Full Original Video] Riley Gaines Video: Who Is Riley? Check Who Is Her Husband, Also Explore Her Full Wikipedia Details Along With Twitter, And Reddit Account

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Did you know that Riley has decided to fight back against trans activists who had physically and verbally assaulted her at the University of Kentucky campus, United States, on Friday, the 7th/April/2023? 

What happened at the campus? Why did the trans activists protest? What were they demanding? What action was taken against them? What was the reaction of Riley’s husband, Louis Barker? Let’s check about the incident and analyse the Riley Gaines Video.

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Riley Gaines Video:

Riley is a senior freestyle/butterfly swimmer from Gallatin, Tenn, United Kingdom. She has won many awards in swimming. She visited the University of Kentucky campus to deliver a speech on ‘Saving women’s sports’. She spoke about how women can contribute and come up in sports.

After the speech, Riley was in a room at the campus when trans activists entered the room, switched off the lights and physically attacked her. Riley was immediately escorted by security and in the presence of the principal of the University of Kentucky. Riley was moved to another room. Riley Gaines Husband was online with her and informed him about the incident.

While on her way to another room, several trans activists shouted slogans and verbally assaulted her using profanity. An activist was also seen hitting Riley. The trans activists also displayed play cards and took videos with their mobile phones. The principal and the security officers confronted the trans activists at the campus. Riley remained in the room for the next three hours.

Louis called the San Fransisco police department and the police team at the campus. However, Louis said that even after 40-minutes after the incident, the police officer who picked up his call did not know what was going on. Riley Gaines Reddit 60+ posts, included links and blogs. However, most Reddit pages included links to news websites and unauthentic knowledge-based websites.


We are not in support or against any community, we are just presenting the information from various sources.

About Riley Gaines video:

Riley’s Twitter account posted a one-minute video of how the trans community ambushed Riley. The video file was 10.6 MB in size and 680P in resolution, taken with a mobile camera. There were 50+ posts shared on Riley’s Twitter account after the incident. All 50+ posts related to the incident gained a huge 60+ million views within 72-hrs!

What were Trans activists demanding?

The trans activists shouted slogans that ‘trans rights are human rights’. Riley Gaines Twitter account shared footage showing after Riley was escorted into a safe room, the trans activist demanded money to give Riley a safe passage!

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The incident turned political as the SFSU released a public statement stating that the trans community are welcomed at the University and that the institute believes in the unity of students from all communities. Further, The White House PressSec’s comments also attracted the attention of sports fans and the trans community. Click here to read Riley Gaines Wikipedia. The trans activists said they had protested peacefully.

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Riley Gaines Video – FAQ

Q1. What is the action taken by Riley?

Riley will file a suit against the protestors for physically and verbally assaulting her.

Q2. Where was the reaction of Riley at campus?

The footage showed Riley getting horrified and defensive.

Q3. Why was Riley locked in the room at the campus for a long time?

Because the trans activists show immense rage and anger.

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