What Is NRW File Extension and How to Repair Corrupt NRW Files?

Summary: Are photos shot with Nikon cameras corrupted? Here, we bring the best methods to repair corrupt NRW files. Also, learn how the Nikon NRW Image Repair tool can help repair corrupted files.

There are lots of raw image file formats options available for saving images. And one such RAW image format is the NRW file developed by Nikon. NRW images are known for their high-resolution, and stores image data in an uncompressed format. Like all other file format, NRW file extensions are also susceptible to errors such as image corruption, etc.

If you own a Nikon camera and are struggling to repair the corrupt images shot with it, then check out this blog to learn various ways to repair them. Also, know what is NRW files and why these files get corrupted.

What is an NRW File Extension?

An NRW file is the highest quality raw image file produced by Nikon Digital camera series, such as COOLPIX digital compact cameras. NRW file extension saves images in 12-bit RAW uncompressed format. The NRW images can be processed in the system or camera once captured. Moreover, use a Nikon camera to adjust the exposure compensation, white balance, image quality, and size settings.

NRW files contain metadata, such as information on the camera model, exposure time, date taken, dimensions, size, ISO speed, focal length, etc. The NRW codec allows NRW image files to be displayed in Windows Photo Viewer and other tools.

Why My NRW Image File Become Corrupt?

Your Nikon camera images can get corrupted because of many reasons. When your NRW image file becomes inaccessible or doesn’t open, it could be an image file header corruption or when you open Nikon digital camera RAW files in unsupported applications.

Other reasons for corrupted NRW image files could be faulty or damaged memory cards, interruption during the file transfer, etc.

Common causes of NRW image file corruption:

  • Continued taking pictures with a low camera battery.
  • Sudden interruption during ongoing file transfer.
  • Corruption in the memory card.
  • Virus/Malware infections.
  • Misspelled file name or incorrect file extension.

How to Repair Corrupt NRW Files?

There are two approaches to repairing corrupt NRW files – Software Approach and the Manual Approach. 

Using photo repair software that supports Nikon digital camera file format is the best way to fix the image corruption issue. A manual approach can fix NRW issues like being unable to open NRW files, blank images, etc.

Manual Approach

1. Convert NRW files to Another Format

Convert NRW files to another format, such as JPEG or DNG often fixes the issue. You can use online converter tools, such as Convertio, OnlineConvertFree, AnyConv, etc. to convert NRW files.

2. Open the NRW files in a different application.

Try a different program, other than the one you’re using to view NRW files. Some NRW-supporting photo viewers are Adobe Photoshop, Picasa Photo Viewer, Nikon ViewNX2, and others.

3. Check the File Name

Ensure that the name and file extension of your RAW Nikon camera image is correct. Don’t use any special characters and symbols in the file name.

4. Reduce Noise in NRW files using Image Editors

Try using various image editors, such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Picasa, Gimp, and others to fix the minor noise and visual distortion.

You can even use Capture NX 2 a RAW photo editing software for removing noises in the Nikon raw camera images.

Software Approach

5. Use Photo Repair Tool to repair corrupt NRW files

You can repair corrupted NRW files with the help of professional NRW file repair software, such as Stellar Repair for Photo. It is the only reliable solution that can fix corrupted RAW photos. This photo repair tool algorithm is specially designed for repairing corrupt file headers and invalid file structures to make your files readable again. 

The popularly used Stellar Repair for Photo tool also enables thumbnail recovery of NRW image files that are corrupt beyond repair. If your NRW files are badly corrupt, the tool automatically directs you to the Advanced Repair op̣tion using a sample file. A sample file is a correct photo file of the same format shot from the same camera as the corrupt images.

Further, this robust photo repair tool is compatible with all popular image file types, including JPEG/JPG, RAW, HEIC, TIFF, NEF, ARW, MRW, and other file types. The ability to repair multiple photos of any format simultaneously saves you time. You can repair unlimited corrupted images shot from DSLR, Androids, iPhones, and others.

Steps to fix corrupt NRW files using photo repair software

  • Download and install Stellar Repair for Photo software on your system.
  • Launch the software and click Add File on the main screen.
  • Now, browse to add the corrupt NRW image files you want to repair.

Steps to fix corrupt NRW files using photo repair software

  • Click Repair to initiate the process of repairing. The repaired photos are listed in JPEG format.

photos are listed in JPEG

  • You can preview the repaired photos on the right pane before saving.

preview the repaired photos

  • Click Save Repaired Files to select the desired location to save the photo.

Tips to Prevent NRW File from Being Corrupted

  1. Keep your system virus or malware free.
  2. Do not use the same memory card on multiple devices.
  3. Ensure to insert or remove the memory card carefully from the Nikon camera and system.


The easiest and quickest method to fix corrupt NRW files is with the help of Stellar Repair for Photo. This software can fix damaged, corrupt, inaccessible, or distorted raw Nikon camera images. You can repair unlimited photos in one go, without any hassle.

Download the free demo version of the NRW image repair tool and preview your repaired image file before getting the license key.

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