4 Ways to Mail Your Real Estate Postcards: Must Read!

If you are curious to know about Real Estate Postcards then you can check this article to gain more information also know the 4 ways to Mail your Real Estate Postcards

Direct mailing is a proven technique to spread information on your real estate service and its success in closing deals for clients. For real estate agents, it aids in delivering follow-up communications or information about upcoming listings, among many other things. For instance, postal cards, when distributed, can have a tremendous impact on building your brand image.

real estate postcards are a compelling way to create leads and raise brand awareness. Mailing it primarily aims to build a long-term relationship with locals and build trust. There are now various template options available that offer real estate postcard design and writing patterns. 

Here is the information if you are interested in postal cards and which ones suit your needs the best.

Just Listed or Just Sold Postal cards

These are the most basic but influential real estate postcards agents should use after closing a deal. It assists in increasing market recognition for your brand. Both recently listed and just sold cards serve a similar goal, but they differ in terms of when these are sent. 

You can use these cards to display magnificent residences that your agency has recently sold. One can also highlight properties sold for more than the quoted price. When you highlight these aspects, you demonstrate to others that you are a valued asset in real estate deals. 

Cards with Market Updates

These kinds of postcards are often tricky and time-consuming because accurate professional knowledge is required to fill in all the real estate market information that an investor will want. You must provide pertinent information, such as the zip code for the property’s area. You must highlight the characteristics and facilities that are available in the surrounding areas, and you must ensure that all of the details are correctly listed. 

Such cards can assist customers in establishing trust in your listing when you ensure that all of the information you present fits the property characteristics.

Postcards with Automated Seller Valuation

Some cards are called seller valuations. Sometimes they are also referred to as CMA postcards or comprehensive market analysis. Such cards are action-oriented. That is, it tells the receiver that they need to check the firm’s website or scan a QR code if they want a valuation of their property. 

Cards for Open Houses 

These serve as an invitation to people who are available and interested in looking for excellent properties. Before they are invited, you must consider what type of information someone would like to know and what would pique their curiosity about visiting the property. 

The card includes the time of your event. So, ensuring that the date and time are appropriately indicated, as well as the address. Finally, you should have your contact information so that anyone who is confused knows who to contact. 


Sending postal cards is one of the oldest real estate marketing techniques and may be highly effective for your company. Sending the proper ones with a great design will significantly impact your business. As an agent, you should surely try out this approach. 

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