{Updated} Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos Reddit: Explore Her Wikipedia Data, And Crime Scene Photos, Also Know About Her Husband, Parents, And Kids!

This post on Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos Reddit will reveal the death information of Ray and why was he killed.

Do you know who murdered Ray Mcneil in 1995? Were his autopsy report and photos revealed? Many people from the United States and the United Kingdom are talking a lot about this murder case. Today, we will reveal Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos Reddit if there are any. 

If you want to know who killed Ray and why was he killed, kindly stay updated with us till the end. 

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Ray Mcneil: Autopsy Photos

We did not find any autopsy photos of Ray on Reddit. His autopsy report was revealed online in which it was found that he had two gunshots near his abdomen and face. His upper jaw was fractured and has a big hole in his torso. Moreover, the report also showed that he got five types of steroids in his body. We cannot share his autopsy photos as they are not yet released.

Crime Scene Photos of Ray Mcneil

The pictures from the crime scene were not recovered yet. No online sources have revealed those pictures. However, the Netflix documentary on Sally, wife of Ray, has been released recently due to which people are searching for real crime scene pictures. But, unfortunately, those pictures are unavailable. One can watch this documentary to know what happened between the couple on the day of love, Valentine’s Day, and how it turned into a murder mystery. 

The readers can take reference from the documentary, ‘Killer Sally’ for the crime scene pictures. Further, we will share his wiki information. 

Ray Mcneil: Wikipedia

This section will include valuable information on the life and age of Ray. So, kindly stay tuned with us. 

Real Name Ray Mcneil 
Date of Birth December 17, 1964
Occupation  Bodybuilder, and ex-sergeant in the US
Date of Death February 14, 1995
Spouse Sally McNeil 
Children Two children (Sally’s children from her first marriage)
Cause of death Murdered by his Wife in a gunshot 

We hope that all these details are sufficient for you to know a brief on Ray Mcneil’s life. He was 31 years old when he died and if he had been alive he might be 57 years old. 

More on this Murder!

Ray, the Husband of Sally, went out to buy chicken from his usual shop which was closed at around 8:30 p.m. Ray did not reach home till 10:30 p.m. When he returned home, he was questioned by his wife, Sally. She doubted him for his extramarital affairs and for not focusing on his competitions sincerely. Sally argued with Ray when she came to know that Ray bought chicken from another expensive chicken brand. Ray was cooking chicken when Sally carried two grenades and loaded one of them. As per sources, she fired him and Ray then tricked her to fire another shot. According to Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos Reddit, he had two gunshots in his body. 

Sally then handed the gun to his neighbor. When police arrived, Sally told them that Ray used to manipulate her and strangle her. But, Ray was lying on the floor with blood all around. He denied everything. He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead.

Was Sally Guilty?

Sally was found the culprit of this murder. She was sentenced to life imprisonment of 19 years. She was granted parole from the court on May 29, 2020, after serving 24 years in jail. She then married Norfleet Stewart. There is no update on whether her Kids are living with her or not. We will let you know once any detail is published online. So, kindly stay tuned with us.

Note: Every detail is taken from web sources. The readers can trust these details as they are taken from authentic sources. Kindly take it as an informative post.


Wrapping up this post, we have provided all valuable details on Ray Mcneil and his murder. Sally has been released. 

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Ray Mcneil’s Parents and Life Details: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was Ray Mcneil murdered?

Ans. Ray Mcneil was murdered on February 14, 1995.

Q1. Who killed Ray Mcneil?

Ans. Ray Mcneil was killed by his wife, Sally McNeil.

Q1. Is there any information on Ray’s parents?

Ans. No, there is no update on his parents.

Q1. How many years has Sally served in Jail?

Ans. She spend 24 years in jail and was granted parole.

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