How to Prepare Your Property for Skip Bin Hire

If you’ve been thinking about how to effectively remove waste, you’ll definitely want to carry on reading this article.

There are many ways in which you can make your experience with skip bin hire much simpler and more effective.

Let’s look first at green skip bins. Green rubbish is that which is produced in your garden of course. It can consist of leaves, weeds, tree stumps, dead plants and shrubs among other items.

Often, a garden remodel will mean lots of old plants are pulled out and they have to go somewhere right? Your council skip bin won’t be enough to contain a large amount of garden waste, so skip bin hire makes sense.

The main thing to remember about garden waste is to never let it get wet if possible. Wet green waste can weigh a lot so you should always cover garden waste properly rather than let it sit outdoors.

When filling your skip bin with green rubbish, place anything that’s flattish at the base of the skip bin. This will leave more room for other garden waste. Most skip bin companies will offer you advice about how to correctly fill your skip bin.

For Renters Leaving a Rental Property

Leaving a rental property can be stressful. There’s such a lot to do and of course, if you’ve been there for some time, you may need to do a big clear up. Some tenants will leave their unwanted items for landlords to deal with but, this can incur costs.

If you’ve accumulated a lot of waste, old furniture and general rubbish you will probably need to contact a company to arrange skip bin delivery. Your skip bin delivery can be arranged at a time to suit you.

Organise your rubbish ahead of time so that you need to hire the skip for fewer days. The longer you keep the skip bin, the more expensive it can be.

Skip Bin Placement Guide: Everything You Need to Know

When you book your skip bin, you should be asked where you would like the skip to be placed. You may also be asked about a skip bin permit if you want it to be on public land.

If you plan to put your skip bin on your own land, you won’t need a permit. Place the skip bin in a spot that is easily accessed, and which doesn’t block entrances. Choose an appropriate skip bin size so that you don’t waste space.

Essential Tips to Remember When Hiring a Skip Bin

Remember that you are charged per day for your skip bin hire. That means ensuring you plan ahead so that you have time to fill the skip bin up during the time it’s in your possession.

Once it’s full with all the rubbish, it will be collected. It’s usual for customers to state the date they want the skip to be collected. That’s a good thing because it means you’re in control of your skip bin and how you use it.

Check the accessibility of your property

Make sure that there are no parked cars or other obstructions on the day you expect the bin delivered. Think about overhanging trees – will they get in the way?

Your skip bin delivery company will want to drop the skip bin off and leave immediately, make it as simple as possible for them.

What size skip bin do I need?

You can choose between many sizes in terms of skip bins. Making sure you get the best size skip bin is important. Too small and you will need to book another. Too large and you will waste money and space.

Skip bin size guides illustrate the volume capacity of skip bins when compared to wheelie bins. This is great for most people as it is otherwise hard to envision.

Skip Bins for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, the chances are you’ve had a few bad experiences with tenants or you may have come into a property which needs a good clear up.

This is common with newly purchased properties. People leave a lot of rubbish behind from time to time and you’ll naturally want to get rid of it!

You will need a skip bin if the waste exceeds the amount your local council will collect. You can book a mixed waste skip bin if there’s old furniture, bricks, tiles, old clothing and lots of other items left behind.

Just make sure you book the right skip bin size for your needs. If in doubt, check with your contractor.


General household rubbish is often dealt with by mixed waste skip bins. Most households produce a lot of waste on a day to day basis and it can build up! Helping you dispose of it is exactly what skips are for.

Make sure to book the right skip bin and you will find it much easier to clear your property. You can put anything from furniture to toys and from bricks to glass in a mixed waste skip bin.

Hiring the best skip bin size for your needs will be slightly larger than you think. This is because there’s almost always a little wasted space due to air pockets. This is especially true with oddly shaped waste such as furniture.

Place bricks or planks to protect your property

When you’re engaged in moving heavy or dirty waste out of your home or around the garden, you can easily damage pathways and entrances.

put bricks or planks near areas of high traffic and take extra care going in and out of doorways. Hiring a skip bin can be very effective but you do need to take care!

Do I need a skip bin permit?

As previously mentioned, a skip bin permit is only necessary when you park the skip on land. other than your own. This might be on the road outside your property. If you want to place the skip bin in your own garden or driveway then you don’t need a permit.

Public places includes the road, car parks and nature strip.

What about hazardous waste?

This includes things like asbestos, batteries and fluorescent tube lights. These cannot be placed in skip bins because they are a fire hazard or highly toxic. Asbestos in particular needs specialist treatment and removal.

Skip bins are cost effective and convenient

When you come to hire a skip bin, you will notice how affordable it is. No matter what location you are in, you will find affordable options for both private property and public property.

Bins of all sizes may be ordered and there’s something to cater for all needs in every location. If you are booking skips for your own property, you can decide where and how to park it, in the driveway, the garden or elsewhere.

Your location should not impact your experience too much as long as there is ample parking for skips in our outside of the area.

Bins are delivered at a time of your choosing and you only need to ensure access points are free and not blocked.

You can dispose of all your excess waste in bins when you book a suitably sized skip bin and prepare the waste properly.

It’s best not to just throw things in but to plan the waste and how it goes into the skip bin properly.

Hiring a skip bin is a sensible and affordable solution for most who want to get rid of excess rubbish.

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