Pokimane Wardrobe Malfunction: Is The Incident Full Viral Video Still Available On Twitter, Tiktok & Telegram?

Read this article to get accurate details that will help you know about the Pokimane Wardrobe Malfunction.

Have you ever watched a live stream of Pokimane? Do you claim yourself as the biggest fan of Pokimane? Have you heard about the recent wardrobe malfunction of Pokimane? You are searching for an article where you will get a one-stop solution, and you select our article as your first pick.

By doing live streaming on YouTube, Pokimane has managed to gain fans worldwide. Recently while she was screaming, she faced a problem of wardrobe malfunction, and viewers are now raising several questions regarding Pokimane Wardrobe MalfunctionSo read all the information carefully and clear all of your doubts.

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Wardrobe Malfunction by Pokimane:


Wardrobe Malfunction by Pokimane

On 15 November, while she was screaming, she faced the wardrobe while playing overwatch two, a first-person shooter game. She was wearing a purple Sheer and an orange top, so she took a little break and walked away from her computer.

After she came and started her streaming, viewers came to find her top had been open, and a part of her chest was uncovered. She continues her stream and asks several questions of her viewers. When she notices these things, she stops her stream. Her fans already raise their concerns about the Full Video Incident Viral Video On Twitter.

Will Pokimane’s Twitch account be banned?

After her wardrobe Malfunctions, lots of fans have raised an issue over Pokimane because she has violated the rules and regulations of the Twitch Platform. Guidelines have not been set for the wardrobe malfunction. 

Lots of Reddit users extended their support and said that she was wearing Nipple covers, and it does not trigger the nudity policy of Twitch.

Biography of Pokimane:

Pokimane is the pseudo-name of Imane Any. She claimed to be a Moroccan Canadian and is now a 26-year-old lady. She joined a Chemical engineering course, but later she dropped out and started her live-streaming career. Now she has become an essential topic on the internet due to her wardrobe malfunction. She also created her Telegram account, inviting viewers to join for more updates about her.

Pokimane has more than 450,000 followers on her Twitch account, and she also set her name among the top 100 people to gain the highest number of followers. Twitch has also awarded her as the best streamer of the year.

Does the streamer delete her video?

Pokimane stopped the stream when she noticed her wardrobe malfunctioning and deleted that stream to stop sharing.

When you store live-streamed content on Twitch previously, viewers can watch it later, which is why Pokimane stopped playing the game and removed her archived video. Still, unfortunately, some of the viewers shared her video on social media sites like Twitter and Telegram.

The career of Pokimane:

Pokimane is well-known for broadcasting gaming and doing reviews of the new video game. She started her streaming with the Fortnite game and received sponsorship from it. Pokimane was paired with the rapper Designer, but she later teamed up with Josh Hart. She also generates her reputation by posting her short videos on Tiktok.

Achievements that Pokimane Receives:

In 2018 she won the award for the best internet start. Later, she also owned the best streaming Twitch platform, and Pokimane has received several awards in her streaming career. She received nominations for the Game Awards’ Best Content Creator of the Year and the 8th Streamy Awards’ Live Stream categories.

Details of Pokimane:

Real Name Imane Anys
Nick Name Amy
D.O.B 14 May, 1996
Birthplace Morocco
Profession  Internet Star
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Body Type Slim
Measurements of her Body 34-24-35 Inches
Weight 51 KG or 112 lbs
Height 5 Feet 4 Inches

Net Worth of Pokimane:

Sources claimed that Pokimane had generated a revenue of 2 to 43 million. 

Social Media Accounts:

Final Verdict:

On 15 November 2022, Pokimane was doing a live stream when she faced a wardrobe Malfunction. After she noticed, she immediately deleted her live stream video, but some of her viewers have shared it on social media sites like Instagram.


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Pokimane Wardrobe Malfunction: FAQs

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3 What is the age of Pokimane?

26 years old.

4 Did Pokimane delete her wardrobe Malfunction Video?


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