[Watch] Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter: Check This Accident Clip Details Went Viral On Tiktok, Reddit, Telegram & Instagram Handles!

The article gives facts and information about the Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter incident and tells the readers about some unrevealed statements.

Have you heard about the Pokimane open shirt incident on the live streaming? Pokimane’s fans from countries like the United States and Canada are shocked after watching their favourite streamer go topless on a live-streaming channel. 

If you want to know the whole story behind the Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter and look for the related facts, then read the article till the end. 

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What happens on Pokimane’s live streaming?

While streaming the OpenWatch 2 game on November 15, a wardrobe malfunction happened, resulting in the top opening, which exposed her chest in front of the camera. When the incident happened, many of her fans watched her live video online. 

Pokimane Open Shirt Accident– How did it happen?

A wardrobe malfunction happened accidentally as Pokimane was sitting on her chair and streaming OpenWatch 2, and suddenly her t-shirt got open. However, she tried to hide the incident by removing herself from the camera, but the whole incident got captured on the live stream.

Some viewers recorded the incident and made it viral on social media platforms. However, the good news is that some platforms removed the links due to inappropriate content. Pokimane’s wardrobe malfunction was an accident, and she feels shameful. 

Where is the trending video available?

The Clip Viral On Tiktok and other platforms, like Reddit and Twitter, was shared in different groups through different links. However, the whole video is unavailable on the internet because of sensitive issues. 

In the video, it is seen that Pokimane was calm and composed when the accident happened, and many of her fans appreciate Pokimane for this action as she doesn’t lose her cool. There is yet to be an official link available that we can provide to our readers as the video is getting down by different websites. 


Where is the trending video available

Who is Pokimane- Age, Bio, Personal information 

After her video got viral on Reddit, many people started looking at her personal information so that they could know better about her. 

Real Name- Imane Anys
Streaming Name- Pokimane
Date of Birth- May 14 1996
Awards and achievements- Game award for the Content Creator of the year
University- McMaster University
Net Worth- $2.2 Million
Education- Chemical Engineering
Famous game streaming- Fortnite and League of Legends 
Followers- 6.1 million on Instagram, 4.2 million on Twitter
Different channels- ASMR channel called Poki ASMR 
Birthplace- Morocco
Zodiac Sign- Taurus

What are the reactions of Pokimane and her fans?

After the wardrobe malfunction happened and the video got viral on Telegram and other platforms, her fans requested to take down the video from every website. However, Pokimane felt shameful for the act and didn’t come up with any official statement till now. 

Although on many social media platforms like Reddit, the video was removed, the other platforms didn’t give any official statement on removing the clip of Pokimane’s open t-shirt accident. 

Is there any other similar incident happened?

There are many cases of leaked images and videos recorded on the internet. However, one of the famous pop singers, Doja Cat’s picture got leaked on Instagram and Twitter. In those pics, it is clear that Doja Cat was without clothes along with her friends. 

The Women’s volleyball case also got attention when the players posed topless after winning the match, and the picture leaked on social media. 

Social media links


Pokimane’s accidental wardrobe malfunction gained the unwanted attention of many viewers, and her fans are trying to take down the video from the internet. However, we couldn’t find any links to the video as only clips are available on the internet. 

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Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter– FAQs

1: When did the t-shirt accident happen?

A: The whole incident happened on November 15, 2022.

2: What was Pokimane streaming?

A: At the open t-shirt accident, pokimane was streaming the OpenWatch 2 game. 

3: How many followers does she have on her Twitter account?

A: Pokimane has around 4.2 million followers on her Twitter account. 

4: Is the video taken down?

A: On Reddit, the viewers won’t find any link related to the video. 

5: What is the education of Pokimane?

A: Pokimane has done chemical engineering.

6: How many YouTube channels does Pokimane have?

A: Pokimane has 3 YouTube channels for different content. 

7: What are Pokimane’s famous streaming games?

A: Pokimane is known for streaming games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and Among Us.

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